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When a couple finds out that they are expecting twins, their life instantly changes. Looking at those two precious dots on the sonogram screen, initial shock turns to joy, then eventually the realization sets in that the early months of feeding and diapering are going to be extra, extra challenging. Raising twins takes plenty of patience, helping hands from friends and family, and innovative baby products that make life a little easier. Products by Stroll-Air, TP Toys, TwinTrexx and Toddler Tables are a few such retail recommendations. Check them out on the double!

My Duo from Stroll-Air is a Dynamic Stroller

Baby products from Europe have been popular for many years. In Europe, families tend to have a natural, laid-back attitude toward parenting and advocate the freedom and togetherness of incorporating their babies into everyday life. This outlook has motivated many North American parents to look across the pond for baby products that offer practicality, ease of use, and cutting-edge style.

Canadian mom Agata Majerski is a big fan of European baby products, and wanted to bring these unique designs to North America. In 2002, when she was pregnant with her second son, she took a chance and ordered a shipment of strollers from her native Poland in hope of getting a small business off the ground. Her gamble paid off, and now Stroll-Air is a successful company that offers useful products to families around the globe.

Stroll-Air strollers are luxury rides for little ones. Parents of twins will love the Stroll-Air My Duo: a tough yet chic double-seater that can go just about anywhere. It features a lightweight aluminum chassis for easy maneuvering and toting, a large shopping basket for days at the market; and fully reclining seats for a comfy rest at the end of a long day.

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TP Toys are Powered by Boundless Energy

TP Active Fun
When a parent has more than one child of the same age in the house, it can sometimes be a challenge keeping them both entertained. Siblings will usually play together, giving mom some time to get things done, but it helps if they have interesting toys that grab their attention.

Imagine playground equipment that fits right in the living room or den! TP Toys does just that with the Spiro Bouncer, a seesaw toy made for children between the ages of 2 and 5. The bouncer lets kids enjoy up and down as well as round and round motions that will keep them laughing and busy for days. This fun zone is designed for indoor or outdoor use as well as for maximum safety, comfort, and convenience. It has soft, round cushions on the bottoms of each seat to ensure a gentle landing for little ones, and a padded base to help protect floors. The hollow base can be filled with sand to prevent tipping.

TP Toys puts a great deal of thought into items like the Spiro Bouncer, making sure that these products are not only delightful to play with, but also beneficial to kids’ mental and physical development.

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TwinTrexx™ is One for the Money, Two for the Road!

Julixa Newman, an industrious mother of four children, understands the challenges mothers of twins face –– and she turned her creative abilities towards designing a product to help her and others like her carry on!

She invented the TwinTrexx Twin Baby Carrier, an easy-on, easy-off way to bring a duo along for a quick errand or outdoor adventure. The carrier’s unique design allows for it to be used for front/back carrying or side-to-side snuggling. It can even be split apart for use by a couple. It’s so versatile, it can be comfortably used in six different positions. The external pockets provide extra room for baby essentials. TwinTrexx is styled in neutral burgundy, perfect for boys and girls, and includes cushioning for soft, snuggly transport. It even comes packed in a drawstring knapsack for carrying extra baby supplies!

A portion of the proceeds of sales are donated to Project Night Night to provide homeless children with a special good night gift package:

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Say “Amen!” to Toddler Tables!

Toddler Tables
Toddler Tables were an answer to a prayer! In the mid-1980s, preacher Glen Holland noticed that his congregation of parents wrestling with wiggly tots was distracted from hearing the Good Word. So, maybe it was divine inspiration that led him to rush to his carpenter shop and build a table, with built-in seats for two or more toddlers, that kept caregivers’ hands free to tend to the kids and stay attentive to the sermons.

Talk about a growth industry! Toddler Tables has gone forth and multiplied to accommodate one to eight children. The centers of attention feature heights in 14 or 27 inches, constructed of high-quality laminates. Safety and convenience features include tough, removable polyethylene seats (with safety belts) for children 5 to 24 months of age (up to 30 lbs. each), tubular legs designed for strength and support, and an assortment of colors, including light oak, maple, red, blue gray and yellow with yellow, red or blue seats. Toddler Tables are perfect for daycare centers, churches, nursery schools, and, of course, families with multiples, from twin through octuplets. The tables are ideal for feeding, teaching, crafts, family meetings, and more.

PTL! Toddler Tables are seating miracles that solve the problem of taming a group of tots. There’s even a four-seater for juniors. Table for one, two, three, four, five, six or eight? Reservations recommended at

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