One Bib Doesn't Fit All

Bébé au Lait

Often part of an ensemble gift, bibs are sometimes seen as more functional than fun. Step out of the rut and rethink what goes around babies’ necks with mealtime necessities from Bébé au Lait, Dibs on Bibs, Kiddologic and Bella Bundles.

Bébé au Lait’s Quib is a Multiple Choice Bib

Bébé au Lait
What has four sides and keeps babies clean? It’s not a quiz, it’s a Quib — the totally reversible bib that gives parents the possibility of four clean sides. This mealtime revolution is based on magnet technology that seamlessly and securely fastens the bib across the baby’s chest. Having four bibs in one means less cleanup, though these bad boys are machine washable.

Quib is a product from Bébé au Lait, established in 2004 and initially known by the melodious moniker “Hooter Hiders” for its award-winning nursing cover.

Let babies dive into a colorful underwater world of bright playful pink, plum and green fishies with the Lille Fishies Girl Quib. Baby’s imagination will soar high above the clouds with the colorful Hot Air Balloon pattern in coral, peach, grape and gray on a pale blue sky. Your summer display will sing with the whirling pinwheels of summer with the Swirls Girl pattern, featuring pink, plum and green. Boys will boogie for the Robots pattern, a futuristic combination of blue, green and orange.

Providing a variety of products to meet the needs of style-conscious families, Bébé au Lait designs now include burp cloths, hooded towels, luxury blankets, and nursing cover gift sets.

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Dibs on Bibs Offers Plenty of Options

Dibs on Bibs
Feeding a baby is always an adventure, so why not make it a personalized one with Dibs on Bibs? The idea behind these fashionable bibs is that recognizable and enjoyable shapes make mealtime more fun. Themes include sports, animals, fruits and veggies, food groups, holidays, beach, for a cause, and country flags.

The genius Fruits and Veggies theme matches the color of the baby food to disguise baby food stains. Included among the awesome food groups are The Apple Turnover Bib, The Banana Bib, The Carrot Bib and The Grapes Bib. The For a Cause bibs benefit environmental conservation and breast cancer research. You can display these during awareness months, and the sports themed bibs can be displayed year- round. With a full roster of bibs, there’s bound to be a bib for every fan.

Dibs on Bibs has a patented Dib Removal Application system that has an easy-to-grasp tab that also helps eliminate all pressure placed on the front side of the child’s neck or throat during the bib removal. The bibs are sized for maximum coverage and include private labeling and licensing opportunities.

Dibs on

Kiddologic’s bibit-all™ Does Just That

Kiddologic’s mission is to offer the best of basics –– products that are smart, practical, and fashionable solutions to the universal challenges of parenthood. And we all know one of those challenges is mealtime! Laura O’Nion founded Kiddologic and launched the bibit-all™ in 2012.

Most parents would tell you that conventional bibs don’t provide effective coverage. bibit-all features long sleeves with ribbed cuffs, a high-ribbed collar to prevent drips, full coverage that extends to the lap and an innovative waterproof lining that prevents foods and liquids from soaking through. This means less clothing changes, less laundry and fewer stains.

The bibit-all is made from high-quality, stretch terry and ribbing for plush softness, comfortable stretch, superior absorbency and durability. The lining is waterproof and made from a stretch knit that is soft, light and comfortable. It’s machine washable and dryable. Colors include wild orchid, sky blue, and fresh lime.

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Bella Bundles is All About Bibs, Blankets and Towels

Bella Bundles
Want to put the fun in functional? Celebrate a bundle of joy with Bella Bundles. Julie Feldman is the founder and designer of beautiful and functional baby blankets, towels and bibs. As a mom, she realized most bibs were too short and not reversible. She designed super-stylish bibs that are long, reversible and have a terry cloth bottom to cover everything and do double duty to wipe up messy spills.

The bibs are made of high-quality, soft 100% cotton and terry cloth. Julie proves functional doesn’t have to be boring with the Reversible Black Hollywood Bib, which features a modern geometric pattern in black or pink. Capitalize on the hot new color of the summer with the Grey Dot with Yellow pattern. The grey with yellow polka dots are sure to wow, but the bib and the shape changes a bit to resemble a horse face.

Bella Bundles isn’t just about bibs. Match them up with Blanket on the Go™, a blanket that can snap on to strollers or around a mommy’s neck to provide nursing coverage. The towel lines also include snap closures at the neck, keeping infants warmer than traditional hooded towels.

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