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When you have kids, everything changes. Your body, your schedule, your relationships… even the way you accomplish daily tasks. One of the most surprising changes many new parents face is just how long it takes to leave the house. What used to be a quick ritual involving throwing on shoes and a jacket, grabbing your wallet and heading out becomes a juggling act featuring diapers, toys, blankets, wipes, snacks, and of course, the baby himself!

This new routine calls for new accessories to make things go more smoothly. Most moms agree that a good diaper bag is the first line of defense against frazzled mornings. Having a stylish – not babyish! – bag also goes a long way to help a mom feel good about herself . Companies like Oemi Baby, Diapees & Wipees, JP Lizzy and Daddy & Co. offer diaper bags in a variety of styles and sizes, so that just about any mom or dad can find what they’re looking for.

Oemi Baby Fashions Luxurious Leather Bags

Oemi Baby
For some moms, diaper bags are more about function than anything else. As long as the bag is big enough to hold all the accessories needed to care for a baby, it’s good enough to do the job. For other moms, the diaper bag is a real investment. They want it to look like a genuine fashion accessory and feature all the little details that help make it easy to be out and about with a baby. For those moms, there’s Oemi Baby.

Oemi Baby offers high-quality, distressed leather diaper bags that have the look and feel of a department store fashion bag but with the convenient accessories moms need. At the helm of this young company are sisters Vanessa Richardson and Faye McKenzie. The Ontario-based entrepreneurs launched Oemi Baby to add some style to the everyday baby care routine. As mothers and business owners, they know how challenging it can be for the mother of a young child to hold it all together, and they wanted to create a product to help moms stay stylish and organized.

In addition to bags, the company also sells sleepers, bath products, and baby shower gift sets.

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Smart, Stylish Solutions from Diapees & Wipees

Diapees & Wipees
Few parents actually enjoy changing diapers; it’s one of those necessities we endure until the happy day when the little one learns to use the potty. While diaper duty has gotten much more convenient over the last 50 or so years, there’s still plenty of room for improvement, particularly when it comes to diapering on the go. This is especially important for today’s busy families who like to work hard and play hard, all with baby in tow.

Diapees & Wipees is one of America’s largest and best-known diaper accessory companies. The celebrity attention the company has received in recent years has helped propel it to must-have status for stylish new moms. Founder and mom Christina Rein wanted to blend the functionality of a diaper bag with the convenient size of a small tablet. The result was a lighter, more compact diaper carrier that can slip into a handbag. It can carry 2 or 3 diapers and a small package of wipes for those shorter outings.

But these small carriers aren’t the only thing Diapees & Wipees has to offer; the company also sells full-size diaper bags in trendy designs as well as ”Moodies”, compact feminine hygiene totes. For its great products and impressive momprenuer story, Diapees & Wipees is a winner.

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JP Lizzy: Beautiful Bags for Busy Moms

JP Lizzy
Sometimes, moms feel stuck in a rut. The daily grind of caring for the family can leave little “me time” and life can sometimes feel dull and boring. One way to break out of the grind is to add some stylish embellishments. It’s surprising how a few small changes can wake up one’s routine. A new wardrobe can mean a new diaper bag, too. JP Lizzy has a fabulous selection of diaper bags in fun, youthful designs. Moms can choose from among satchels, hobo bags, and totes that don’t scream “diaper bag!”

Founder Wendy Barry started JP Lizzy in 2001. At the time, diaper bag choices were fairly limited, and mostly unflattering from a style perspective. As a busy mother of twins, she knew how important it was for many moms to look good while keeping track of all the things a little one needs. For Wendy, starting and maintaining this business has been hard work that took a lot of compromise and strategizing. Today, JP Lizzy is a brand that other companies aspire to emulate.

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Daddy & Co. Knows Fathers Best

Daddy & Co.
Let’s face it, most products aimed at parents are really aimed at moms. Traditionally, moms have borne the brunt of daily childcare tasks and are usually the ones involved in purchasing items related to these activities. However, times are changing; with more women in the workforce, men are becoming more involved in their children’s everyday maintenance and care. This is good news for families; studies show that children fare better when dad is involved in their lives, and fathers are more likely to feel settled and happy when they have a close, intimate bond with their children.

While a dad may be crazy about his kids, it doesn’t mean he’s happy with having to be out about carrying a pink teddy bear diaper bag. Luckily, there are other options. Daddy & Co. has a range of fun and useful products just for fathers. They offer fatherhood-themed shirts, scrubs, mugs, and more.

Recently, Daddy & Co. purchased a company called Go Gaga Diaper Bags, and is set to put their fresh, masculine spin on baby totes. The Daddy Diaper Pack Camo Edition is a durable military-style backpack that has all the space, pouches and pockets needed to bring along everything baby needs, whether it’s for a trip to the grocery store, or a weekend of camping.

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