Innovative Products Pamper Pregnant and New Moms

Milky Way Nursing Wear

Doesn’t it seem like there are more pregnant mamas this year than usual? Good thing there are more maternity and nursing shopping prospects than ever before. Gone are the days of frumpy maternity clothes, sub-par therapy products, and unappealing style options. Now new moms and pregnant ladies can look as good as ever, but more importantly, feel beautiful. These products don’t shy away from the host of issues after giving birth like nipple chafing, and embarrassing leakage. Moms can wear jeans and stylish clothing while also feeling comfortable and confident.

Stores can compile multiple products together to create the ultimate gift basket for baby showers or hospital care packages. These four remarkable brands help empower and support pregnant and postpartum women with their innovative products: Bamboobies, Pelv-Ice, You! Lingerie, and Milky Way.

Bamboobies Has Got Moms Covered

Leaking through shirts, needing to breastfeed in public, and having uncomfortable chafing is unfortunately all part of being a new mom. So what can a company do to add in some comfort to a mother’s otherwise stressful days? Offer a whole new level of support with the Bamboobies product line. Items include nursing pads made from bamboo, fashionable nursing bras, and therapy products to help with nipple chafing. Nursing capes are lightweight in design, while bamboo fabric makes them more durable than cotton. Plus they can be worn like a scarf when baby isn’t feeding — versatility at it’s best.

These beautifully crafted products are supportive plus chic to help a new mom feel confident. The savings alone from bamboo crafted products make them quality items, as well as environmentally friendly. They don’t become cold after getting wet either, further offering comfort (especially when it comes to the nursing pads).

Bamboobies is a company that has really thought of every angle of nursing to bring a new mom the ultimate support. These are great additions to aid a mom adjusting to feeding her baby for the first time. Request a few free samples before ordering wholesale, and enjoy free shipping.

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Mama Strut by Pelv-Ice Offers Support to New Moms

Mama Strut
The Mama Strut by Pelv-Ice gives comforting pelvic support, helping through postpartum recovery, while also being discreet enough to fit under jeans. Supporting the midsection of a mom right after labor can help speed up her healing process drastically. Options for ice or heat packs on the lower back or abdomen can easily be added by slipping the desired aid into the slim pockets located on the front and back sides. The vaginal supporters are also slender in design, but are stronger than they appear, offering much needed support. Pads stay secure as well with strategically positioned elastic bands to hold them in place. It’s one product with many options that can cover a diverse customer group.

The instructional video teaches women how to use the Mama Strut to it’s fullest potential, and explains each option visually to make selling one much more discrete for retailers. This product is great for new moms recovering from having a natural birth, c-section, prolapse, hemorrhoids, or heavy stitches. Medical professionals have agreed that this product is wonderful for new moms from the minute after they give birth. The Mama Strut is great to offer as a hospital bag gift item to start the healing process immediately.

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It’s Beautiful and Luxurious, It’s You! Lingerie

You! Lingerie
New moms want to feel good in their undergarments, but the current options available can be limiting in style, dull in design, and unflattering for a women’s changing body. With You! Lingerie, that frumpy feeling is gone. Globally recognized as the leader in maternity and nursing fashion, You! Lingerie is sold in over 25 countries. Created out of necessity, this company wants every retailer from shopping malls to hospital stores to carry their great looking, high quality maternity lingerie. It’s surprising how much of a mood boost can come from pretty underwear and bras. You! Lingerie is perfect for a still pregnant woman or post baby lady, offering plenty of options.

When founder Uyo Okebie-Eichelberger was searching for beautiful nursing lingerie, all she could find were plain, drab options or over-priced, unsupportive lingerie. She wanted comfortable and chic style choices, so she decided to make a product that delivered the best of both. The brand’s affordability will make stocking up on multiple pieces easy for merchants, as well as grow a loyal customer base that appreciates this wide selection. It’s the perfect baby shower basket stuffer that will make all pregnant and new moms feel sexy again.

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Milky Way Nursing Wear Is Out of This World

Milky Way Nursing Wear
Gone are the days of pregnant ladies wearing oversized clothing or unstylish maternity wear. Moms can now expand their waistlines as well as their closets with fashion forward clothes from Milky Way. Current, on trend styles are offered for pregnant and nursing women. Not only are there a myriad of day wear options, but the special occasion clothes are just as cozy (and stunning). If size is a little fuzzy, Milky Way offers products other than clothing too, such as the postpartum bamboo belly wrap. This is a company that amped up the expectations for maternity fashion, changing everything.

Starting in Singapore, founder Kay wanted to make readily accessible clothing for expectant and new moms that combined style with comfort. Now, the Milky Way family has customers from all over the globe, including Australia, Malaysia, France, and the USA. Their feedback helps Milky Way craft high quality products that retailers can trust will please every customer. By employing mothers, Milky Way stays ahead of trends as well as continues to develop new innovative products to further support pregnant ladies. Style, quality, comfort, and durability are all made top priority for each product, giving customers the full package.

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