Swaddling and Slumber Products Ensure Good Nights


It’s not easy for babies to adjust to the bright lights, loud sounds and new smells of the outside world after having lived for 9 months in the warmth and safety of the womb. Many experts suggest that for the first few months of a child’s life, parents should offer comfort measures that remind the baby of the conditions of the womb. Dim lights, rocking motions, and soft “shushing” sounds have all been known to reduce crying and increase contentment.

Swaddling is another measure that can work wonders to keep a baby relaxed and happy. This method of wrapping a baby snugly in blankets has been practiced in cultures across the world, and has become a regular part of routine newborn care at many hospitals. It allows babies to sleep securely on their backs, protects them from scratching their faces, and helps reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by eliminating the need for loose blankets.

SwaddleDesigns, Cuski, Kyte Baby and HALO Innovations all produce excellent products that make swaddling easier, safer and more stylish.

SwaddleDesigns Combines Comfort, Safety and Fashion

If your customers are looking for a collection of cute and useful baby gifts, SwaddleDesigns has what they need. SwaddleDesigns offers dozens of choices, including classic blankets, luxury blankets, swaddlers, baby clothes, crib bedding and gift sets.

Parents can start off with one of the company’s high-quality swaddling blankets for newborns. There are several choices of weights, patterns and styles, in ultra lightweight marquisette cotton or more substantial cotton flannel. When the baby grows out of this first stage of swaddling, mom and dad can graduate to the ZZZipMe Sack Wearable Blanket. This version keeps the baby’s arms free so they can practice their new moves. Next, it’s on to the the rest of the collection’s beautiful blanket choices and other accessories.

SwaddleDesigns was founded in 2002 by Lynette Damir, a nurse who also had a background in creative design. Friends with newborns would often ask her to help them learn the best techniques for swaddling their babies the way the nurses at the hospital did. Lynette realized that there was a need for products that helped make swaddling easier for parents to master, and shortly thereafter SwaddleDesigns came to be.

Get wrapped up in all this brand offers at www.swaddledesigns.com

Cuski Comforters Stimulate Bonding Thru Smell

Teddy bears, security blankets and favorite dolls are often part of a child’s experience because they help kids feel more relaxed in a new or scary situation and help them transition from the baby stage into the greater independence of their childhood years. Lately, however, there have been safety concerns surrounding blankets and stuffed toys for young babies, and many parents are seeking alternatives.

Cuski is a baby comfort object specially made to give a baby a soothing sensory experience based on the science of bonding and sensory stimulation. Babies use the sense of smell to identify and form an attachment to their caretakers. Having their parent’s scent nearby can improve a baby’s sleep and improve their overall sense of well-being. A parent sleeps with the Cuski one night, and then gives it to their child to use as they would a blankie or favorite toy. But unlike either of those objects, Cuski’s special features make it safer and more effective.

The brand’s Cuskiboo is made from soft bamboo yarn, which is known for its eco-friendly and anti-bacterial properties. The material is also light enough to let air through, so it poses less of a suffocation risk for infants.

Check out the two Cuski comforters, new Sweet DreameezZ bamboo muslin blankets, and also the Cuski Ortho Pillow at www.cuski.co.uk

Kyte Baby Specializes in Sleep Ease

Katy Baby
Babies spend a large portion of their lives in sleepwear. Thanks to their propensity for marathon sleep sessions and their need for play clothing that’s easy to move around in, sleepwear is a natural choice around the house. And, considering that babies catch no scorn for going out in their PJ’s, it can work for shopping trips and other casual outings as well.

For a piece of clothing a baby will be spending so much time in, it’s understandable that parents would want the softest, most comfortable and safest materials possible. Kyte Baby offers a collection of bamboo-based sleep apparel and blankets.

The Kyte wearable blanket is like a little sleeping bag with arm holes. It allows the baby to be warm and cozy without unsafe extra bulk. The sleepers are available in two thicknesses, one for spring/summer and the other for fall/winter. In addition to wearable blankets, customers can choose from one-pieces, footies and deliciously soft quilted blankets, all in cute patterns and bright solids.

Learn more at www.kytebaby.com

HALO Continues to Care About Good Nights for Families

HALO Innovations
HALO Innovations is another company that’s revolutionizing infant sleep products.The Minnesota-based business offers sleep sacks in a variety of weights and styles. The HALO Sleep Sack is designed to give baby a comfortable, soft snoozing experience without the hidden dangers of blankets and pillows. It’s easy to use and convenient to take along when out and about.

Sleep Sacks come in a range of subtle pastel watercolor patterns that go nicely with many styles of nursery décor. Their Sleep Sack Swaddle is one of HALO’s best sellers. Learning to swaddle with a blanket can take some practice, but the Sleep Sack Swaddle makes it easy thanks to its streamlined design.

In addition to Sleep Sacks, HALO also offers the Swivel Sleeper Bassinest, an ingenious bassinet that allows parents to bring their baby’s bed as close to their own bed as possible, while still giving baby his or her own safe, separate space. The side of the bassinet lowers to let parents tend to their little one without having to stand or bend. This smart innovation is great news for new parents, because it fosters closeness with the baby without the worries involved in traditional co-sleeping.

For all their good sleep innovations, visit www.halosleep.com

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