“In With the New!” at the NY NOW Show


There’s no better way to kick off the new year of buying and selling than at the NY NOW show, once again bringing thousands of presenters from around the globe. While plenty of these companies are no strangers to the game, this year’s show shines a light on the best fresh faces in the business. Newcomers will enjoy a first-class introduction in their very own space at the trade event, allowing for maximum exposure.

Whether a hot up-and-comer or a veteran of the industry, each company showing their wares at the Javits Center this year will have something unique to offer. The Multiples, Dsenyo, Milly Green and Papersalt are among the standout presenters. These companies all do something interesting to make life more rewarding for their young customers.

The Multiples Put Math Skills on the Menu

The Multiples
Studies have shown that children develop a better understanding of concepts through what experts call “social learning.” In short, this means that kids learn from their environment and by the example of the influential people in their lives. Reading with their children is one of the most common ways parents apply the principle of social learning, and it’s proven to be very effective, boosting kids’ literacy skills and starting them on the road to being lifetime readers.

While home literacy resources abound, there isn’t as much available to teach number concepts, but a line of products called The Multiples is looking to change that. With its line of charming math-themed dinnerware for children, this company brings fun and learning to the table.

Each piece features a friendly animal character along with numbers to help little ones learn basic math skills. The numbers surrounding the character’s face show a child how to skip-count –– by ones and twos for the beginner set all the way through twelves for older elementary school age. This simple idea is a perfect way to teach multiplication through social learning, because it exposes children to math during mealtime, so they associate it with fun, food and family. The pieces also make great keepsakes to cherish.

3,2,1, go to www.themultiples.com

Dsenyo Offers Gifts from Africa

Imported gifts have always held a special place in our culture. This was especially true of products that came from “exotic” locations. There’s something about the style and craftsmanship of a faraway place that enhances an item’s beauty and meaning, so items imported from places like India and Africa were a sign of wealth and sophistication in North American homes.

Fast forward to today. One of the upsides about living in a more connected world and global economy is that we have a better understanding of other cultures and a more realistic view of life outside our borders. Because of this, we know that with so many products mass-produced overseas, we have to be more conscious of our purchases. That’s why companies like Dsenyo are becoming more and more popular. Dsenyo offers unique, handmade fair trade gifts and décor from the southeast African country of Malawi.

For kids, Dsenyo has plenty to choose from, from hair accessories to change purses and stuffed animals. Every item features traditional African craftsmanship and is made by local artisans who earn the compensation they deserve for their work.

The tour starts at www.dsenyo.com

Is Milly Green Your Cup of Tea?

Milly Green
Kids should have more art in their lives, whether they’re appreciating the work of others or creating some themselves. Milly Green is a UK-based designer who brings her own whimsical artistic vision to all her projects. Her designs boast a distinctly British flavor with images that evoke traditional images, but with a kitschy modern twist. They are meant to bring a little bit of England to other parts of the globe with fun, colorful pieces in various themes for adults and children.

Browsing through some of the products available from Milly Green, you’ll find bright, interesting prints on travel gear such as bags, iPad/Kindle cases, passport holders, and wallets. If customers are shopping for kids, check out the horse or dog print bags, or the one that depicts an animated downtown London scene. Also check out other items available in these themes, like memo pads, organizers, notebooks, pens, art supplies, and stationery storage drawers. They’re the perfect addition to a young girl’s desk and may even inspire a return to the age-old art of note writing. For younger kids, personalized placemats and doodle mats are great choices to make mealtime more exciting.

Pour a cup of tea and visit www.millygreen.com

Papersalt Guides Families Through Milestones

Life’s milestones can be wonderful, memorable events for us; they can also be a bit daunting. Puberty, graduation, college, marriage, parenting… each one comes with its own set of joys and anxieties. Sometimes in the midst of these big changes, we wish life came with a comprehensive user guide. Papersalt, an Oregon-based publisher, may not have written the complete handbook for life but they do offer a collection of inspiring mini guides to the important transitions in the journey.

For example, the Being a Boy and Being a Girl books address social and emotional issues commonly encountered by elementary school age kids, as well as basic tips for behavior and hygiene. The teen edition offers more mature versions of the same conversations, targeted at the high school crowd. There are uplifting advice guides for newlyweds, new drivers, first-time parents and others experiencing life changes. Each book is attractively bound and contains useful info presented in an easy-to-understand and thought-provoking format.

Since its founding, Papersalt has put families first, and will continue to do so in the coming years. All materials are researched and written by the Papersalt crew based on their knowledge and experience as parents, educators, partners and friends.

Get inspired at www.papersalt.com

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