Silent Night Accessories for Sleeping in Heavenly Peace

Aloka Designs

Parents have all kinds of tricks in their bedtime toolkit. From the perfect lighting – not too dark and not too bright – to the most relaxing rocking rhythms. Sounds also play a large role in getting a baby to go to sleep and stay asleep. As kids get older, they begin to have more control over their own space. They begin to have an idea of what comforts and entertains them, as well a sense of what their peers find valuable, and they’re usually not afraid to ask their parents for the things they need to turn their room into a cool hangout.

There’s no lack of variety these days when it comes to children’s room décor and accessories; there’s something for just about every age group, taste, and budget. Elli & Nooli, Aloka Designs, Jay@Play, and Little Giraffe are among the companies and products that stand out from the crowd for their innovation and quality.

Recordable Pal Soothers with Mother’s Voice

Elli & Nooli
Technology has made it easier to get sounds that create a relaxing mood in the nursery. White noise machines and apps that play nature sounds are among the most popular, but lullabies will always rule the music of the night. Babies are wired by nature to be soothed by their mothers’ voices more than any other sound. From the womb, they grow accustomed to her sound and cadence. Whether mom is pitch-perfect or tone-challenged, her voice is the loveliest sound her baby knows.

Recordable Pal from Elli & Nooli combines modern technology with the age-old intimacy of lullabies. This cute plush owl is a cuddly toy with a little extra magic. With the touch of a button, a mom can record her voice singing or talking to her baby, and with one more touch, play it back in a 30-minute loop. This allows the child to feel close to mom at night, and may ease the separation anxiety that can cause night waking.

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Aloka Designs Glows with a Galaxy of Lights

Aloka Designs
Lots of children use night lights, and some can’t sleep without them. Night lights provide a cozy, reassuring glow that gives kids a sense of security, while enabling a parent to check in on the child at night without having to turn on a bright lamp. Night lights are reasonably easy to find, but not all have the same features. The most common complaints about night lights are that they get too hot to the touch or that they burn out quickly. Luckily, there’s a new class of night lights that are more functional than those of the past, and they’re beautiful enough to light up the night.

Aloka Designs night lights come in a variety of shapes, including elephants, fish, hippo, owl and other designs. The graceful lines make them look more like art pieces than traditional night lights, but the color is what really makes them shine. Parents can choose to have the light set on a classic soft white glow, or can choose from a dozen more LED colors, including a rainbow option that cycles slowly through all 12 options. Changing the color choice is easy, thanks to the separate touch-pad controller. These low-heat lights won’t burn little hands, and with a 50,000-hour lifespan, they are a good value.

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Jay@Play Fills a Soft Spot for Pillow Toys

A child’s cozy bedroom is one that is full of as many soft, fluffy items as possible. Overstuffed pillows, cloud-like comforters and huggable plush toys are among the things that make a child’s room warm and inviting. Many kids want bedding and accessories that have a spark of fun and personality, with friendly faces, bright colors, and maybe some surprises hidden inside.

Jay@Play is a Hong Kong-based company that makes several different bedtime products for kids. Their signature products are plushie hybrids that convert into pillows or storage sacks; many of these are familiar to the public through “as seen on TV” commercials that appear on Nickelodeon and other children’s channels.

Among their most popular products are Hideaway Pets, a toy that goes from an ample plushie to a compact pillow in seconds, and Tummy Stuffers, a plush that doubles as a storage bag for other toys, blankets and more. They’re great for home, as well as for trips to grandma’s house and other on-the-road adventures. This is just the beginning of the eye-catching options offered by Jay @ Play.

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Little Giraffe

Little Giraffe
Kids develop their sense of style early, which is why many parents – and friends and family – begin decorating a baby’s room with cool, trendy and classic items from day one. Baby showers are a great occasion for those close to the expecting parents to show their love and care by bringing useful and attractive gifts to baby’s world.

When decorating a nursery, one is not just buying items that will be used for a short while and then forgotten about; parents usually treasure their baby’s first blankets and other accessories for a lifetime. When the child gets older and the room décor is switched out for a different style, it’s likely that at least some of the décor will be kept for sentimental value. High quality items with a classic look can also be passed down to younger siblings.

Little Giraffe offers a wide selection of award-winning baby gifts that will help make a nursery an inviting space. Whether it’s luxuriously soft blankets, cozy blanket sleepers, comfy pillows or plush toys, parents will appreciate the quality and craftsmanship that go into these beautiful baby things:

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