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Back Buddy

Pillows in the crib are a big no-no, but there are still plenty of ways that little ones can enjoy the soft, cushiony luxury of pillows in other settings. Nursing pillows are one of the most popular versions that parents use for their infants. These products are specially designed to help raise the baby up to breast height and hold him or her in a comfortable position that makes nursing easier. And they’re not just for breastfeeding; they can be used for bottle feeding or cuddle time too, so dads, grandmas and others can make use of them as well.

Back Buddy, Shuga Bebé Couture, Peek Away, and Baby-BeeHaven all have something new and different to offer to customers looking for nursing pillows and other comfort pillows for themselves or their babies. Whether they’re in the market for a luxury nursing pillow that complements their bedroom décor, a seat for a softer stroller ride, or a travel bed that converts into multiple baby care accessories, they won’t be disappointed by the products from these unique companies.

Back Buddy Lends Much-Needed Support

Back Buddy
There are dozens of reasons why parenthood is tough on the back. It all starts during pregnancy when added weight and shifted balance can tax the muscles. Childbirth does its part by straining back muscles, and moms who undergo C-sections often find that the temporary loss of core strength can cause back issues as well. Once the baby is born, it’s months of toting around an infant who is growing bigger every day; lifting him or her out of cribs, high chairs, playpens and strollers, not to mention nights up feeding, rocking and walking.

Nursing pillows can help prevent the hunched posture many nursing moms tend to get, but they don’t do much to address other back problems. The Back Buddy is an innovative, convenient pillow that can improve the life and health of parents and other caretakers of young children.

Back Buddy is not a nursing pillow, although it can certainly be used at feeding time. Instead of propping up the baby, Back Buddy is meant to be used to support the mother’s back during and after pregnancy. The Back Buddy’s shape follows the natural shape of the back to provide comfort while sitting in a chair, couch or in bed. Handy side pockets help keep things like baby bottles, cell phones or glasses easily within reach.

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Innovative Luxury from Shuga Bebé Couture

Shuga Bebé
Think that if you’ve seen one nursing pillow you’ve seen them all? Shuga Bebé Couture will show you that this old standard can indeed offer new features and new looks.

Shuga Bebé pillows are truly luxurious. Founder Kim Williams designed the pillows to help address some of the issues she observed with traditional nursing pillows based on her own personal experience and those of other moms. One of the key problems Williams found was that most nursing pillows did not support the user’s arm, leading many moms to resort to desperate measures like using extra pillows and blankets as arm supports. While this trick is okay in a pinch, it’s far from the best option and is definitely not convenient in all settings. Shuga Bebé’s unique shape takes care of that problem by providing arm support while it lifts the baby to a comfortable feeding height.

The word “couture” is in the company name for a reason. In addition to optimum comfort, Shuga Bebé pillows are made with fashion in mind. Their range of classy covers enable them to look at home in a variety of room décor environments. The line includes unisex prints, so that dads can make their own fashion statements while spending quality bonding time with baby.

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Portable Convenience Is Just a Peek Away

Peek Away
Large, luxury nursing pillows are wonderful to have at home. They’re comfortable, attractive, and enhance the sensory experience of nursing for mom and baby. However, there are times when a parent needs a different option. Large pillows aren’t very portable, especially when there are so many other accessories that need to be taken along on trips with a young child. Now, there’s the Peek Away, a nursing pillow that combines convenience with comfort to offer the perfect solution for busy moms of infants.

Peek Away offers a 4-in-1 Travel Nursing Kit that includes all the essentials mom needs for nursing and tending to a little one’s care. The first element of the package is of course, the nursing pillow. This compact yet comfy pillow comes with multiple layers that can be removed, added and adjusted to suit the user’s needs. When the baby needs to be changed, the pillow can easily be transformed into a changing pad that has pockets to store wipes and other necessities. The added nursing cover is great for creating a safe, cozy space to feed the baby while out and about, and best of all the cover can be converted into a bag that holds the whole package together for easy toting, anytime, anyplace.

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Baby-BeeHaven Creates a Buzz

Baby BeeHaven
Being out and about is a great way for a baby or toddler to get vital sensory stimulation and learn more about the world. Even if it’s as simple as a trip to the grocery store, it encourages essential bonding time with mom or dad, and provides them opportunities to encounter other people, animals, colors, shapes, and sounds. Sometimes, however, a young child’s short attention span can make outings a bit challenging – whining and tantrums are common traveling companions at this stage, and it’s up to the parents to offer entertainment and comfort to keep the youngster engaged until the errands are through.

Baby-BeeHaven offers a line of products that can help make family outings easier. Take, for example, the Cush ‘n Go, a stroller cushion that helps support the child’s head, neck and back while adding stylish flair to the ride. This ultra-comfy memory foam cushion conforms to the baby’s natural shape to relieve pressure and help prevent flat head syndrome.

Baby-BeeHaven is also about to roll out its own nursing pillow, the Dream Cushion, that provides support for the baby’s head and neck, as well as the mom’s arm. Its handy Velcro band allows mom to take it wherever she needs to with little fuss.

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