October 2015 ABC Kids Expo Preview

Baby Banz

The 2015 All Baby & Child Kids Expo is taking place in Las Vegas, on October 18th-21st. The ABC Kids Expo is the premier juvenile products specialty show in the nation. With more than 900 exhibitors in over one million square feet of exhibit space, it is currently the fastest growing trade show in the nation and ranks 54th out of the 100 largest trade shows in North America (Trade Show Executive 2009). For more information, visit www.theabcshow.com. If you are planning to attend, be sure to stop by the following booths at the show!

Baby Banz - Booth#5127

Join BanZ at booth 5127 to take advantage of special show savings and get a first look at our new products! The Mod Art Collection of earBanZ features bright colors in Magenta, Aqua, Lime, Orange and Scribble. Now available in combo sets for infants - the earBanZ are packaged with a pair of matching Adventure BanZ for the ultimate protection set! The new JBanZ FlexerZ feature bright, multicolor flexible frames for children ages 4-10. Place your order at the show to receive 15% orders over $150 or receive one free earBanZ when you order 5!


Baby Banana Brush – Booth# 2851

Baby Banana Brush
We will be attending the ABC Show this year, in booth #2851, where we invite attendees to stop by and pick up a free sample of our brand new product, the EleFriend brush. This is a revolutionary new product for kids ages 2-5, because it is the ONLY bendable toothbrush on the market.

Besides the wide, easy to grasp handle and super soft low profile bristles, the neck of this brush actually bends, creating a much safer brushing experience due to reduction in the risk of oral injury. This brush was invented with the help of a dental hygienist who is also a mother of 4. We are so excited to debut it at the ABC Show.


b.box – Booth# 625

b.box is passionate about creating fun and functional products that make life as a parent that little bit easier-with a touch of cool thrown in!

Visit b.box booth 625 to see our new travel drying rack – the compact drying rack that’s small enough to fit in your diaper bag and large enough to hold 6 baby bottles, our new neon sippy cup and diaper caddy collections too.

For more information, visit www.bboxbaby.com

Baby & Pet – Booth# 2324

Baby & Pet
Do you have a much-loved pet? Your ‘fur child’? Are you expecting or trying for a baby and want to prepare your pet for this change with minimal stress? These books and included CDs are designed specifically for you and your dog or cat.

Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant: An essential guide for dog owners who are expecting a baby and Tell Your Cat You’re Pregnant: An essential guide for cat owners who are expecting a baby are both written by renowned veterinarian and animal behaviorist, Dr. Lewis Kirkham.


Altabebe – Booth# 7231

Our primary aim is the development of products tailored to meet the needs of your children. Altabebe products are practical, safe for babies and have modern designs.

We specialize in manufacturing footmuffs for baby car seats, prams and strollers.

Our successes in Europe have given us the certainty that we are taking the right route and that we must continue developing and offer our products in the US market.


Bebek Baby Products, Inc – Booth# 2924

Bebek, the global leader in cutting edge infant feeding technology and design, introduced a new line of infant and toddler feeding products featuring the Patented SenseFlo® Natural Response Technology. SenseFlo® nipples and spouts easily vent and eliminate air bubbles that can cause gassiness and colic. This innovation replaces complex multi-part colic systems that can be frustrating to assemble, especially in the middle of the night.

Bebek SenseFlo® products are available nationwide at Amazon.com. SenseFlo® Natural Response Technology is different from anything else on the market. Your baby’s natural suckling reflex controls the milk now based on your baby’s unique level of development and hunger at that moment. It instantly adapts to your baby’s feeding needs allowing your baby to continuously feed, pause, and breathe, similar to breastfeeding. With its responsive soft petal shape, SenseFlo® promotes a relaxed, satisfying feeding experience while its instant venting technology eliminates air bubbles to protect baby’s tummy from gassy, fussy effects.


Anna Naturals – Booth # 2237

Anna Naturals
Visit Anna Naturals in booth 2237 and experience their all natural herbal teas, bath & body products, developed for pregnancy, breastfeeding and everyday use.

Taste one of their amazing teas (a nursing tea that actually tastes good, anyone?) and test out scrubs, sprays, creams and more.

Set up like a comfy store within the show, you can come in, browse and test products, or just relax for a few minutes.


Babyroues – Booth# 733

Babyroues will proudly be introducing The Avinar, Meteo, Belador, and Volonte - four brand new premium strollers that align with our compact, lightweight, and luxurious standards our consumers have come to love - all with their own unique features.

The Belador will be our first All Terrain Stroller, the Volonte weighs just 12 pounds, and the Avinar has a 360 degree swivel seat.

The Meteo is a stroller that transforms to a bike for the ultimate urban experience.


Baby Bump – Booth# 435

Baby Bump
The Baby Bump booth will focus on healthy pregnancies, harmonious labors and happy babies. We will have demonstrations of prenatal yoga and Pilates throughout the show!

We are also offering a show special of 1 free Baby Bump ($70 value) with any order!


Babymoov – Booth# 2049

Created in 1997 in France by 3 students, Babymoov has become a leader in the baby industry and repeatedly recognized for our unique innovative process “Live Open Innovation” which sets product usage at the core of our development and includes parents from the very beginning of the creation process, resulting in products with a high technologic added value such as the unique Zero Emission Camera, the only product on the market removing all electromagnetic waves from the baby’s room.

More innovation will be presented at ABC Kids Expo, come and see us at booth #2049


Babymoon – Booth# 2536

I will be introducing three innovative products.
1) Babymoon Pod - Head and Neck Support
2) Burpette - Nursing and Burping Full Body Cloth
3) Cuddly - Children’s Wearable Blanket for Car Seats & Strollers.

Each product has a unique quality with dual purpose use. All machine washable and made in USA.


Little Auggie – Booth# 6333

Little Auggie
Little Auggie is known for its great quality bedding for the modern nursery. Now, they are excited to introduce sleepwear to their collection in some of their best-known prints including robot march (bright robots marching in line) and rabbit patch (a whimsical forest of flowers, bunnies and birds).

Also new to the collection, reversible baby blankets in the same soft jersey trimmed with a delicate picot trim. Perfect for gift giving.


Baby Fanatic – Booth# 7124

Baby Fanatic
Baby Fanatic is the premier manufacturer of officially licensed NFL, MLB and collegiate baby and toddler products.

Grown from a love of kids and sports, we offer unique children’s goods of the highest quality to fans everywhere, bringing them together with friends and family. Now that’s team spirit.

Come and visit us at booth# 7124 to receive a 5% discount, exclusive to the ABC Kids Expo.


Beachfront Baby – Booth# 529

Beachfront Baby
Beachfront Baby is the designer of stylish baby carriers that provide parents the comfort and freedom of babywearing while in the water. Beachfront Baby Wraps offer parents the two-shouldered support of wrap style carriers, with a lightweight and breathable mesh fabric perfect for wading in the water.

The Beachfront Baby Sling give parents the ultimate comfort and simplicity of a ring sling, with the same mesh fabric of Beachfront Baby Wraps, for the fastest drying baby carrier on the market.

More information about Beachfront Baby can be found at www.BeachfrontBabyWraps.com

Baby Pibu – Booth# 2535

Baby Pibu
Baby Pibu™ is the only infant skincare product line created by a dermatologist-mom. All products are natural, non-irritating, and come with easy-to-understand doctor’s instructions.

There are products for daily care, and the treatment of skincare ailments such as eczema, diaper rash, and cradle cap.

Baby Pibu products have been recognized by the National Eczema Association and the Skin Cancer Foundation, and earned a Best of Baby Award from The Bump.


BABYBJÖRN – Booth# 248

BABYBJÖRN (booth #248) will be announcing multiple exciting new product launches at the show, including upgrades to one of its best-selling carriers, new product materials and colors and its entrance into the diaper bag category with Diaper Bag SoFo, which has a unisex, versatile design that allows it to be carried as a tote, messenger bag or backpack.

The company will also have a pediatrician available all day on Sunday to discuss parenting topics and BABYBJÖRN’s products from a health standpoint. Be sure to stop by and learn more!


Bambo Nature – Booth# 1822

Bambo Nature
For 25 years, Bambo Nature has taken every measure to bring you a premium baby diaper that’s gentle, soft, and made of 100% sustainable materials. We have earned more credentials, awards, and eco-labels than any other diaper on the market. While other brands are busy making claims, we’re busy substantiating our diaper’s premium quality with concrete proof.

Our Premium Promise:
- Guaranteed Skin-Friendly – No Dangerous Chemicals or Allergens
- Guaranteed Eco-Friendly – Sustainable Resources and Less Waste
- Guaranteed Sleep-Friendly – Maximum Absorbency, Ultra-Soft, Ultra-Flexible


Bebe Le Bounce – Booth# 7224

Bebe Le Bounce
Bebe Le Bounce Serenity Sphere is the stability ball transformed… Ultra-premium baby bouncers: Hold your baby while you gently bounce the tears away and help them fall asleep.

Made with muslin covers fabricated from bamboo fibers, the Bebe Le Bounce Serenity Sphere covers are naturally hypoallergenic, and antibacterial. They repel odors, hypoallergenic and will not cause skin irritation. Serenity Sphere covers are soft to the touch and flexible for bouncing, yet durable and washing machine friendly.

Bring serenity to your home by helping soothe your baby’s tears and naturally helping them fall asleep. Several other features are to be found with the Serenity Sphere, be sure to stop by booth# 7224 to learn more!


Bella Bundles – Booth# 7128

Bella Bundles
This year at the 2015 ABC kids expo, Bella Bundles (Booth 7128) will be showcasing our 4 in 1 Blanket On The Go™ and Shushies™.

Bella Bundles plush 4 in 1 blanket has unique straps with snaps so that you can attach it to any stroller, carrier or car seat. The blanket can also become a nursing cover up. These multi-functional blankets are sure to please baby and parent.
The retail price is $54.

Bella Bundles Shushies allow you to quietly open a door and peak at your sleeping baby. Shushies work to muffle the sound of the latch so that you do not wake your sleeping baby. Elastic bands fasten around the knobs on both sides of a door, securely covering the latch with a cushion. The retail price is $9.50.


Baby K’tan – Booth# 822

Baby K'tan
Baby K’tan will feature it’s full range of products and accessories.

Now available in black, the SmartGear Diaper Bag makes cloth diapering on-the-go easy with its large built-in wetbag. It has 12 convenient pockets for baby’s essentials and includes switchable stroller and shoulder straps.

Also available for demos will be the full line of the company’s flagship product, the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier and the 3-in-1 K’tanCloth. Booth 822.


BLANQI – Booth# 2029

BLANQI: Born from a simple need.

Unparalleled supportwear innovation designed to smooth, lift and secure… before pregnancy, during and forever after. Uptown and downtown. Fashion and function. Day and night.

BLANQI is a brand for today’s versatile, on-the-move woman — a woman who needs high performance without any compromise on style.


Baby Elephant Ears – Booth# 637

Baby Elephant Ears
Stroller Bags:
This stylish stroller bag keeps all of your essentials within reach when you’re out and about. This bag really packs a punch by holding all of your essentials while keeping your bag nice and light as to not tip your stroller! The Stroller Bag boasts a zippered compartment for your important items, 2 mesh panels to hold bottles or water, an open-topped front pocket for easy access to your phone, and a convenient waterproof exterior for easy clean up!

Stroller Liners:
Our Stroller Liner with coordinating designer cotton fabric on one side and our super-soft Luxe fabric on the other provides a nice soft ride with plenty of air flow. And to make this product even more versatile we’ve made it to easily integrate with our Baby Elephant Ears Head Support Pillow with a soft Velcro strap to keep the Ears right where they belong! The Stroller Liner is completely machine washable and easy to clean.


7 A.M. Enfant – Booth# 5723

7 A.M. Enfant
7 A.M. Enfant is excited to launch the Heather Grey Collection at this year’s ABC Kids Expo - a collection of our most popular products in a chic new hue.

In addition to the Heather Grey Collection, 7 A.M. Enfant will launch two new products: the Clutch and the LambPOD + Base.

Retailers in attendance at the show will also receive exclusive pricing and promotions on their orders.


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