Double Blessings: Help for Nursing Twins

Double Blessings

EZ 2 Nurse - Twin nursing Pillow

Almost every new mother that attempts to breastfeed struggles with a reality that is much more confusing and difficult than she ever imagined. Moms of multiples face an even steeper climb to the bliss of “established breastfeeding.” With the unbelievable demands of a newborn, caring for multiples can make breastfeeding seem impossible.

With multiples comes a unique set of challenges which may include prematurity, low birth weight, and skyrocketing costs. Considering both the health and cost benefits, it is no wonder many moms of multiples wish to breastfeed their babies.

Mother to twins, Sandy Clark, had a strong desire to breastfeed. After attempting tandem nursing with multiple pillows and various positions, her husband encouraged her to develop her own system. Sandy was on a mission and developed a revolutionary nursing pillow from blocks of foam and an electric kitchen knife.

The EZ 2 Nurse Pillow

Allows tandem breastfeeding

The “EZ-2-Nurse Twins” Nursing Pillow supports both babies while tandem nursing. Unlike other nursing pillows, this design wraps around mom and positions each baby toward the breast with a structured support. Mom’s hands remain free to soothe and help support the babies while nursing.

Sandy’s revolutionary nursing pillow was used to launch Double Blessings, one of the largest suppliers of products designed for life with twins. In 2001 the nursing pillow was improved again to include an inflatable pillow of the same design. The pillow can be inflated to varying pressures for customized comfort and support. It can also be deflated for easy storage and travel. All pillows also include a detachable back pillow designed specifically to support mom.

Double Blessings

Double Take - Twin Sling

Each pillow includes an instruction packet that guides mom through the process of positioning her twins for nursing. Most importantly, she is taught how to position the twins when no one is around to help. This easy-to-use pillow may be designed for use with multiples, but can be used with singletons and to aide in bottle-feeding.

Double Blessings has just released the Double Take! TwinSling. Also designed by Sandy, this sling is designed to help moms of infant twins get out of the house for hands-free adventures! The sling can also be separated to allow mom to carry one baby.

The “EZ-2-Nurse Twins” Nursing Pillow, in both standard and inflatable models, as well as a full line of twin products can be found at and 1-800-584-TWIN.

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