Padalily: It's Got a Handle on Car Seat Comfort!

Finally! No more gouging, pinching car seat handle digging into your arm!

Entrepreneurial mom of 3, Lily, had enough and developed the Padalily, a stylish pad for the handle of a carseat. It adds comfort and style to the otherwise plain and uncomfortable handle. Welcome relief for moms that struggle to carry a car seat or infant carrier into stores, restaurants, and doctors’ offices.

Lily had just given birth to her third child and needed to mail a package. At the post office with her 2 older girls, she struggled with the infant seat, the package, and the girls. Anyone who has tried this juggling act knows exactly what she was going through.

As the car seat dug into her arm with the full weight of her son, she found her big idea! After that trip, the Padalily was born. With the preservation of moms’ arms in mind, the pad was developed with a special, patented foam support.

Starting with a simple idea, Lily took this pad a step further to add fashion to the function. The Padalily has some serious padding that stands up to the weight of an infant. Using designer fabrics and edging, these pads coordinate with a variety of car seats.

All designs are reversible, with a coordinating colors. The collection has 12 modern patterns ,including pink and blue coco disco, retro camo, geo metro, and girly swirly. All patterns have bright colors and intricate designs. This is one accessory that is sure to get noticed! Momss have offered testimonials about how much the baby seems to love the Padalily. One even credited Padalily with eliciting baby’s first smiles!

Two years after Padalily’s launch, the company is growing and gaining a loyal following. The Padalily wholesales for $13 each, with a minimum order of 10. For more information, visit

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