A Grapple™ a Day Keeps the Dropped Toys Away

Before they have enough teeth to chew, a lot of kids enjoy family mealtime. As more parents attempt to involve their children in a healthy eating regime, the need for more peaceful mealtimes becomes increasingly important. Because nothing ruins the fun of dinnertime like being pegged with a toy rhino while trying to sip your pinot.

After spending their entire meals playing a game of fetch with their nine-month-old son at dinner, David and Amy Oh wised up and looked for a better way to keep the little one entertained while keeping the family unit together. They did what so many creative parents have done before to solve a need: invented it. “It” in this case being The Grapple™, a tethering system that keeps toys where they belong: on the table and off the floor.

Tying down the toys might have seemed extreme, but the Ohs found when they took it on the town that parents as tired of playing retriever to their own kids were “oohing” and “aahing” over the Ohs and their genius.

Realizing a market beyond their own living room, David and Amy started Boingy, LLC and began an adventure with a product that was fun, easy to use, safe and downright adorable. After all, nothing says healthy mealtime like an apple!

The Grapple suctions to any smooth surface and keeps a child’s toy safely nearby without hitting the floor (key in restaurants where, let’s face it, the toy has become merely a transportable germ factory). Open the simple apple and find a group of octopus-like tethers that stretch out and wrap around the chosen toy. Put more simply; stick, flip and play!

Parents seeing the tethers might be slightly concerned about safety. Idle hands and all that. As a safety feature, the tethers of the Grapple™ are designed to release from the core when pulled with a light force. To reattach, simply push the open section of the ring back onto the core. The Grapple™ has been evaluated by an independent safety lab and meets the safety standards of the CPSIA and ASTM.

If you can’t sell it for the adorable apple or the ability to corral toys, consider selling it to gift-givers as an ideal time-saving shower gift by letting them know it’s completely washable. All a parent has to do is wash it with warm soapy water and air dry. A lot easier to clean up than the kiddo!

For more information on the Grapple, visit www.boingyco.com