Momby Helps Mom Be Comfortable

Office chairs are designed with a wide range of ergonomic functions to improve back posture and the work environment. Until now, this same attention to back pain has not been extended especially to new mothers. Momby Baby Support changes all of that. A new mom’s back gets tired for many reasons: c-section pain, carrying the new baby, toting gear and from repetitive feeding at awkward angles. With frequent feeding intervals, the back pain can interfere with daily participation in her child’s life. Conventional breastfeeding pillows offer little support for an aching back. The Momby Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding Support is a revolutionary product that provides supportive materials and an ergonomic design to help reduce back stress and make feeding easier for mom and baby.

No bending to feed baby can make the entire process easier for post-partum moms and sleepy dads or grandparents. With better posture for mom and baby, Momby may even help lessen the painful issues of colic and reflux for baby. New moms struggling with latch issues and breastfeeding insecurities find a new focus with the Momby support system. Being able to focus on the child and process instead of finding the right position gives moms freedom and confidence. Bottle-feeding parents or caregivers also benefit from the Momby to hold the bottle and support baby at the most beneficial angle for feeding.

The Momby design also helps baby’s digestion during feeding. While it reduces the uncomfortable feeding posture for mom, it also may help reduce vomiting and ear infections in the child. Not stopping with just the mom and child, the innovative Momby is a great option for other caregivers like Grandma who may not feel comfortable or physically able to support the baby during a feeding.

Momby thought of every detail to make this product safe and comfortable for moms. Made from 100% cotton and environmentally non-toxic EVA, the Momby can be simply hand-washed between uses. Winner of a silver medal at the 2009 Seoul International Invention Fair, the Momby also received a prestigious Official Recommendation from the Korean Association of Obstetricians & Gynecologists and endorsement by Baby on Board presenter and midwife, Grainne Ryan.

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