Bottle Pets Fuse Feeding with Fun

When baby makes three (or more!), there’s one necessity that homes stock: baby bottles. Even moms who exclusively breastfeed usually have a few on hand, since they receive them as gifts or use them for expressed milk. Available now in an array of materials and sizes, baby bottles are the signs of new beginnings.

Unfortunately, when it comes to design, most infant and toddler bottles tend more towards the utilitarian. They may consist of a clear, smooth plastic cylinder or be constructed of a lightweight glass, but a bottle is usually a bottle. And while there is nothing wrong with getting the job done, why not make mealtimes a little more enjoyable? Bottle Pets, developed by two mompreneurs who wanted to make feeding time a fun time, bring together two things that babies really like: milk and toys. They also bring together what families crave: convenience and peace of mind.

There’s a lot to like about a product that can bring a smile to an unhappy, hungry tot. Bottle Pets are a new take on mealtime, creating a fusion of play and bottle feeding. Bottle Pets are soft bottle covers constructed from 100% polyester, making them cuddly and touchable, but they’re still a breeze to clean. Each Pet sports a sturdy construction to handle hugs and spills. They also come in easy-on-the-eyes, child-friendly colors.

Bottle Pets covers meet or surpass rigorous child safety standards, ensuring parents have peace of mind. Parents can relax about safety and use, too: it’s a breeze to slip the plush cover over almost any bottle. The nipple of the bottle fits through the toy/cover’s mouth. Not only does a Bottle Pets cover become a plush friend, but it also provides insulation for the bottle. Baby can enjoy warm or cool fluids.

With six engaging Pets, children are sure to be enchanted by the characters. Riley the Bunny comes in a soft charcoal and has long ears. Drew the Ladybug is a chubby take on aphid-eaters, while Dylan the blue Octopus is ready for seafaring fun. Bailey the Cow and Sammy the Bulldog offer the allure of a quiet evening on the farm. Charlie the Dinosaur is sure to entice paleontologists-in-training.

Bottle Pets make mealtimes fun and convenient. They also make lasting, snuggable companions:

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