Difrax Pacifiers Satisfy Growth Stages

Since every baby is unique with his or her own special shape, look and needs, it makes sense to select just the right pacifier rather than a one-for-all type. Show shoppers the clever designs from Difrax, a three-stage pacifier system that caters to the needs a child’s developmental stages.

Difrax pacifiers have an underlying concept: a butterfly shape proven to prevent baby’s nose from being obstructed. Added holes in the design allow airflow to reduce skin irritation. The Classic design features a round shaped teat, which is more suited to breastfeeding babies, as it is similar to a woman’s breast. The Orthodontic design has a rounded top side that rests against the baby’s palate while the baby’s tongue presses against a flat side.

For babies newborn - 6 months, Difrax has scaled down the size of the nipple and shield to accommodate newborns and preemies. This design also comes with the softest nipple texture. For babies 6-18 months the model is larger in size, yet still suited to the baby’s development. The nipple is soft, but somewhat firmer than the newborn nipple model. This pacifier not only soothes, but also stimulates the development of the palate, tongue, and jaw muscles. For tykes eighteen months and older, the nipple is solid, which makes it less satisfying and prepares the child to be weaned from pacifier use. The solid construction makes it almost indestructible when it comes to biting.

Many authorities favor pacifiers as they feel they are better for developing teeth than thumb sucking. These models feature flavorless, odorless nipples made of soft, transparent silicone material.

Difrax pacifiers are easy to clean, a useful feature since falling out is part of the drill. For the first three weeks the device can be immersed in boiling water for three minutes. After that, a swish under hot tap water does the job. These pacifiers come in many different baby-friendly plain colors including hot pink, cool blue and mellow yellow; also available are designs like dots or giraffes in the shield.

A trusted European brand, Difrax has won numerous awards for superior baby products, designed to make the first few years of a child’s life as comfortable as possible while offering superior parental convenience. The company also provides plenty of free information on top-interest subjects like the whys and how of weaning a child off a pacifier when the time is right.

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