Blooming Bath Solves a Slippery Problem

For some families, bathing a baby can be a calm, relaxing, bonding experience; for others it can be a little less pleasant. The fact is that not all babies enjoy being bathed. Some may not like the feel of a hard bath basin or the sensation of being submerged in water. Some parents –– particularly first-time moms and dads –– are very wary of their baby-bathing skills and may pass their nervous energy onto their newborn.

While most babies and parents eventually adapt to bathing routines just fine, it’s always nice to have products that can make the whole experience easier, safer and more fun for everyone involved. Blooming Bath is an invention that combines attractiveness and function in a way that may very well transform bath time for babies and caregivers.

At first sight, Blooming Bath doesn’t look much like a bathtub at all. It’s a large, soft, flower-shaped object that is basically a cross between a pillow and a sponge. When placed in a sink or inside a traditional infant tub, it creates a soft and comfy space for baby to recline or sit while being bathed. Parents may have fewer worries about the baby’s safety because the Blooming Bath provides support, security and protection.

The material is absorbent and anti-microbial, so once the bath is done, the Blooming Bath can be wrung out and either drip-dried or tossed into the dryer. When baby grows out of using Blooming Bath for washing, he or she can use it as a cute room décor item or throw pillow.

Many people would guess that a product so innovative would have to be the brainchild of a “momprenuer,” and they would be almost right. Blooming Bath was actually dreamed up by a dadprenuer, or rather, a group of them. Cartoonist Eric Devericks, along with his friends David Morelock, Tom Morris, and Brian Pond, came up with the idea for a safer baby bathtub and worked for over a year to get the design for Blooming Bath just right. As fathers themselves, they were well aware of how tricky it can be to bathe a wiggly, soapy infant. With their combined artistic and technical talents, the friends launched Blooming Bath, and are proud of how their product has solved a rather slippery problem for parents.

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