Juno Blu Bags are Discreet and Sophisticated

When a nursing mom packs up for the office, a breast pump is a must have. Mothers benefit from newer company standards that not only allow for pumping at the office, but also create quiet places for them to relax while pumping. This is a tremendous help for working moms and infants: studies consistently show that breastfed babies are leaner and smarter than their counterparts.

While moms like the opportunity to pump when they are out, they don’t necessarily want to broadcast the fact. There are many different kinds of pump totes, but they tend to focus more on utility than fashion. Industry veterans (and moms, of course!) Shannan Runner and Kelley Lehner decided to bring busy moms a piece of the panache they enjoyed prior to pumping, with Juno Blu Bags, their new line of breast pump bags. Runner and Lehner’s bags go a step beyond fashion and utility: they are also developed from earth-friendly materials that would make any vegan smile.

The Juno Blu bags are a nouveau take on the breastfeeding pump bag, available in three classic styles and an assortment of colors that whisper élan. The Esalen Tote (15” wide x 11.5” high x 7.25” deep) swings effortlessly from the shoulder or is easy to grip with its handles. It’s available in three colors, although its multi-colored snakeskin style is sure to turn heads this fall.

The Ventana Satchel is roomy couture, and sports two exterior pockets that could easily hold all those little breastfeeding essentials that require quick access, like inserts or liniment. It’s available in four colors, including black (17.5” wide x 6.5” deep x 10.75” high). The Nepenthe Tote is a power player, with its sleek exterior and roomy interior (15” wide x 11” high x 7.25” wide). Available in three colors, the tote boasts reinforced handles for easy transport.

All designs were created with sophisticated stewardship in mind. The exterior was developed from leatherette, making the bags animal-friendly and cruelty-free. Each piece is well crafted and durable, strong enough to hold all the things needed for pumping while out and about. Since the designs are crafted with a deep understanding of classic couture, moms will no doubt want to carry the bags long after baby has stopped breastfeeding.

Juno Blu’s founders are not only committed to a healthy planet, but they also support healthy breastfeeding. Part of the sales of the bags goes to Best for Babes®, a charity that encourages breastfeeding moms.

Discreet style and functionality are the hallmarks of Juno Blu bags: www.junoblu.com