Ju-Ju-Be Introduces Meowvelous Hello Kitty Bags

There’s a new way to look at diaper bags. Up to now, no company had delved into the world of microbes (aka icky germs) or anti-stick coatings, but that’s changed due to this dynamic duo of new licensed diaper bags: Ju-Ju-Be has begun a collaboration with Hello Kitty, the iconic brand everyone adores. The new Kitty collection features signature diaper bag designs in a range of shapes with –– retailers take note –– a custom print; bow zipper pulls; and super-cute, functional hidden surprises such as embroidery details inside each bag.

The Hello Kitty zipper pull is shaped like Kitty’s bow for a totally adorable look and made of metal for durability. The print is called “Tick Tock” and features Hello Kitty surrounded by clocks in a multi-colored look that’s mainly pink, red and yellow — Kitty’s favorite colors. Bags have a striking bright blue lining with state-of-the-art AgION antimicrobial technology that strikes down germs, mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria and other gross stuff. No icky on this Kitty!

Invite shoppers to peer inside the bag to get a look at the “hidden” three apples, a nod to Hello Kitty who herself is three apples tall and weighs five apples. Like all other Ju-Ju-Be bags, these newest versions are protected with Teflon to deflect nasty stains and can go directly into the washing machine should the need arise.

Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags include all the features moms-on-the-go need, like stretchy pockets to hold keys and sunnies, a quick-reach pocket for the ever-present cell phone and two insulated pockets for bottles, so what’s inside can be kept warm or cold.

The B.F.F. model will surely be many moms’ best friend forever as a tote that’s incredibly light and super stuffable. The even larger Be Prepared is ideal for anyone managing twins or two tots in diapers at the same time. Be Prepared is also a great choice as an airplane carry-on and sits tidily off the floor, thanks to a structured bottom with luggage feet. For shoppers who dote on this style but want another pattern, show them the elegance of Black and Silver; Silver Ice in a diamond motif or red and white Syrah Syrah among a host of looks.

To organize the inside of a favorite bag or carry by itself as a purse, Be Quick is the answer. Whether hung from a stroller handle or tossed into a car, every baby-tender will be secure knowing she is both fashion-savvy and practical.

Carry it off in Style: www.ju-ju-be.com

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