Pocket Nanny Keeps Parents on Baby’s Schedule

The early days of parenthood are full of so many new experiences, it’s easy for a parent to become overwhelmed. While it tends to be the most intense for first time parents, the “newborn haze” affects pretty much all parents in the first month or so of their baby’s life. Recovery from childbirth, hormonal changes, sleepless nights and sometimes confusing baby behavior team up to turn even the most efficient mom’s brain into Swiss cheese. Dads aren’t immune to this phenomenon either; they experience major life changes as well.

The chaotic mind state that follows the birth of a baby can make it difficult for parents to keep any semblance of a regular schedule. While technology has given us products to make many parts of life easier and more efficient, it hasn’t done much to ease the effects of “baby brain”…. until now. The Pocket Nanny by Itzbeen Innovated, Inc. is an electronic device that helps parents keep track of daily baby care tasks. This compact, lightweight gadget combines multiple features to create an all-in-one time management system.

Parents who like to schedule their baby’s sleep and meal times will definitely benefit from the Pocket Nanny, but even those who prefer to “go with the flow” will enjoy using the device to monitor and respond to their baby’s natural patterns. No matter the parenting style, there’s usually at least one or two functions of the Pocket Nanny that could help a household with a baby run more smoothly.

The feeding scheduler helps moms remember when they last fed the baby and set a reminder for the next feeding. This is a great help for parents of those sleepy babies who tend to snooze through meal times. For breastfeeding moms there’s a useful function that tells which breast the baby nursed from at the last feeding. The changing tracker is helpful when parents are keeping tabs on their babies elimination habits, which is an important marker of how well a baby’s system is functioning during the first few weeks.

Even the minor features come in surprisingly handy, because they take the place of other gadgets. The soft glow nightlight brightens the much-used path between the bed and the crib, and the dual-function alarm can be set to either sound or flash.

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