Babee Talk Communicates the Value of Safe Crib Bedding

Babies have a tendency to chew on anything and everything. Since they spend so much time in their crib, the railing makes for a tempting teething tool. But some baby furniture and toys are made with harmful chemicals, linking to some seriously scary side effects. At Babee Talk, only organic, high-quality materials are used in its collection of organic bedding and toys. Let baby chew these products as they are all safe plus non-harmful to the environment too.

Babee Talk also includes marketing support for merchandisers to help promote the items they purchase. Offering tips on how to sell its products and links to merchants’ stores on its homepage, this company doesn’t stop after the sale. Babee Talk is a company that puts children’s safety first and has a unique marketing strategy, making its products a great choice for parents and store owners.

Passing every safety test with flying colors, each product offered by Babee Talk is also made from 100% organic materials. All stages the products go through are GOTS and Fair Trade approved. Finding that fiber-reactive dyes work best, soft goods are printed using only this ink. There are no color transfers, fading, or harmful chemicals, making these eco-friendly toys and crib bedding safe for baby.

Fun, bold designs offer a variety of styles, and don’t conform to traditional “blue or pink only” options. Neutral choices are just as on trend and engaging. The textured rail covers help teething tots more than a smooth surface, preventing unsightly teeth marks too. All the attachable toys have passed every safety test as well.

When babies are teething, no surface is safe. Founder Jennifer Cicci noticed her little one’s teeth marks on the crib railing one day, and did some research to check on the safety of her crib. Finding terrible chemicals in not only the crib itself, but also the crib accessories, Cicci decided to make a teething crib railing cover that was safe for her baby to use. Little did she know she was creating such a revolutionary product.

Each company that Babee Talk works with must sign a code of conduct to promise their commitment to fair work environments and employment. The marketing department is also a huge plus for merchandisers, helping educate shop owners on each item’s use. Babee Talk’s strong stance on fair trade, environmentally friendly materials, and high quality products make it a stand out brand.

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