Haiti Babi: Keeping Families Together

The age-old adage about teaching man to fish holds universally true, and never more so than at Haiti Babi. Many of the 500,000 children in Haitian orphanages are put there by parents who simply cannot afford to provide for them. Haiti Babi was created with the crucial mission to keep kids with their parents. What does it take to keep kids out of orphanages and with their parents? It sounds so simple: get parents work.

Putting moms to work is just one of Haiti Babi’s missions. A job empowers these moms to earn a living while caring for their families. Haiti Babi hires moms in Haiti to knit and crochet high-quality artisan baby goods. Creator Kaitlin Jackson gives these families a hand up, not a hand out by creating a sustainable solution. With compensation and benefits, a Haiti Babi mom earns more than two times the minimum wage. This income allows her to cover the basic needs of her family and save more than half of her income for the future. And it allows you to offer something sure to elicit delighted envious gasps at every baby shower or 1st birthday party.

The mission is sweet but the result is even sweeter. Make layette gift giving easy with these handcrafted hats and blankets. The handmade hats in Stone or Taupe are as comfortable as they are adorable. Made using luxurious Pima cotton, considered to be one of the superior blends of cotton. Pima Cotton is extremely durable and absorbent, crucial for anything baby related. Haiti Babi hats are silky and snug, but durable enough to last through growing pains like teething, tumbles and tantrums. Sweet edging in color options like teal, mustard, tangerine and coral make it easy to match with blankets and make it impossible to buy just one.

Babies can bundle up in sophisticated comfort with the Signature Blanket. Knitted from the same Pima cotton as the hats, it’s soft and safe for baby’s skin. Its long fibers won’t pill and the knitted weight and texture make it warm but breathable. Its durability makes it the perfect security blanket.

Both the blankets and hats are machine washable and strong enough to last as long as the little one’s interest. Haiti Babi also sells matching sets of blankets and hats. These sets are more than just great gifts; they help break the cycle of extreme poverty in Haiti — one mom, one family at a time.

To learn more, visit www.haitibabi.org

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