Jazz Up Baby Carriers with a Fuzzy Cuddleroo Animal Cover

It can be difficult to sell a line of plain baby carriers, but thanks to Cuddleroo, it doesn’t matter what the carriers look like. These adorable animal-themed covers are the perfect way for one to stand out among the rest. They work with most soft structured carriers (ones worn as a backpack or on the chest), and help protect baby from the elements too. No more awkward blankets to jam between straps, only to slip out a few minutes later. Just slip the elastic bands onto each of the four straps of the carrier, and it’s ready to go. Great as gifts for parties, baby showers, or themed events. There are plenty of options to choose from; your store could offer the whole zoo!

All the convenience of a baby carrier is still accessible while a Cuddleroo is on. Easily slip a hand between the animal cover and open pockets or adjust straps. These lightweight USA-manufactured products weigh around six to ten ounces each, and are easily removable once the carrier is off and baby is out. They should be hand washed and line dried to maintain their shape. Meant for infants up to 18 months old, they are 20 inches long and 16 inches wide, fitting every baby in the family. The best part is that each Cuddleroo has a 23-inch diameter hood for added charm, as well as some noggin shade if needed.

Invented by Sindy Beekman, the first prototype was made for her niece. Beekman wanted to gift her something that was unique and handmade. After only a few weeks, her niece reported back that she was getting many compliments on her custom animal baby cover. Beekman decided to turn her part-time sewing hobby into a full-time business. She now manufactures Cuddleroos in a warehouse where she can make a wide selection of different animals.

The safety standards at Cuddleroo are taken very seriously. All the fabric complies with the USA Consumer Product Safety Act. These products are only for babies facing the wearer, never the other way around, which could inhibit the child’s breathing. There is a prototype for a Baby Bjorn cover coming soon, so make sure to email Cuddleroo to stay in the loop. Their motto is: “We’ve got cute covered.”

To see their inventory, check them out at www.cuddleroo.com or email

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