Tiny Love Is Big on Innovation

While a lot of toys are used to simply keep babies distracted, Tiny Love offers products that support a child’s growth and development. Mobiles, gyms, and carriers are all made with the thought of how to make these first years a great beginning in a child’s life. These products are more than just a baby item, they stimulate an engaging and interactive experience.

What makes Tiny Love’s products stand out among other options is their consistently elevated standards to help a child’s development in this early stage of life. Their featured products include mobiles, nappers, bouncers, carriers, and gyms, all with interactive attached toys to keep little ones fully engaged. Each product offers multiple features, from a long list of songs for mobiles, to three-in-one convertible rocking nappers. All this time and effort pays off as their list of awards continues to grow with their global recognition. Multiple awards in best innovation and development show how instrumental parents will view Tiny Love products as educational choices for their babies.

Each product is meticulously safety tested to make sure it complies with international safety standards. The toy’s sturdiness is checked, along with how flammable it might be. All chemical hazards are tested as well, including for lead and heavy metals. Two focus groups of babies and parents also help test Tiny Love’s products. Not only does this keep a tight lid on manufacturing standards, but it also helps Tiny Love know the versatility of their products. By the time an item reaches shelves, retailers can proudly stand next to these products knowing they meet all American, European, and international standards for quality and safety.

Started by Shoshi and Isaac Oren in 1991, Tiny Love has grown dramatically in the decades that followed. In 2014 it sold to Doree Industries, a company that upholds the highest standards in developing baby products that will make a lasting impression for positive growth. Tiny Love makes sure each item sold supports their seven elements of development.

For more information, visit www.tinylove.com

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