ActivEmbrace Helps Support Women After Delivery

First time mothers and seasoned pros alike all need a little bit of abdominal recovery help after giving birth.The ActivEmbrace Postnatal Recovery System by DLVR Maternity is a belly sleeve that helps women recover at a healthy pace so they can return to their pre-baby bodies. Different than other belly bands, the ActivEmbrace combines functionality with science to deliver a product that is comfortable to wear to help the wearer properly heal. Made in the USA, this is a useful aid for a new mom, even before she leaves the hospital.

At its base, the ActivEmbrace is a four-way stretch sleeve with adjustable elastic straps to provide outside support. The straps are specifically designed to mimic the deep abdominal muscles, while the rigid back section copies the stability of the spine. Each elastic strap crosses over the front to draw in the abdomen, and is anchored from the back section to further enhance the body’s natural form. Along with the sleeve are exercises made to help rehabilitate the abdominal wall after delivery, all approved by clinical experience and scientific evidence.

Composed of breathable fabrics, the machine washable ActivEmbrace should be air dried to maintain its shape and correct fit. The sleeve isn’t a “one size fits all,” and with proper care it can be quite durable when worn during daily activities. Sizes vary depending on the wearer’s original pre-baby pant size, from 0-12, with 14-20 coming soon. The sleeve can be used immediately after giving birth and up to 8-12 weeks postpartum. It’s safe for vaginal, C-section, and VBAC type deliveries as well.

Founder Dr. Gia Fruscione created ActivEmbrace when searching for an abdominal recovery product after giving birth, and finding a lack in the market. Being a trained physical therapist, she knew exactly what techniques would work, so she set out to make a product that would do just that. The combination of wearing this sleeve along with doing the included exercises helps the abdominal muscles heal correctly. This product is safe to use even for the 50% of pregnant women suffering from diastasis recti, a common separation of the abdominal muscles. Coming in May 2015, an updated version of the ActivEmbrace with wider elastic straps and slip-preventing silicone backing will be released.

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