Milkies Means Convenience for Nursing Moms

Breast is best. It’s the mantra repeated thousands of times by breastfeeding advocates everywhere, and one that has been embraced by more and more moms. The scientific support for breastfeeding is quite impressive; it seems like every few months a new report emerges detailing how breast milk can positively affect a child’s physical development, emotional health and later academic success. This information has led to many efforts to encourage expectant and new mothers to go the natural route.

From laws protecting the rights of women to nurse in public to rooming-in policies becoming popular at many large hospitals, breastfeeding support is, for the most part, a message that’s getting through. About 77% of today’s American women choose to breastfeed their newborns — a slow but steady climb in numbers from 67% in 2000. The trick seems to be getting them to stick with it. While more than three quarters of all United States moms chose to nurse their infants in the early days of life, only around 38% were still exclusively breastfeeding at 3 months, and by 6 months, less than half of them were breastfeeding at all. By the one year mark (the age the World Health organization recommends as the earliest full weaning age) only 16% were still making breast milk a part of their babies’ diet.

In many cases, convenience is the main reason behind this drop in breastfeeding. Today’s busy lifestyle can make it difficult to find time to breastfeed a baby, especially for moms who are returning to work. Milkies by Fairhaven Health is a line of products designed to make breastfeeding easier and more convenient for moms, whatever may be going on in their lives.

The Milk-Saver is among the company’s best selling products. This innovative creation allows mothers to get the most milk out of every feeding or pumping. Many mothers don’t realize how much milk is lost through leaking during feeding. Using a unique system, the Milk-Saver collects drops of milk that leak from one breast while the baby nurses (or mom pumps) from the other.

Then there’s Milkies Freeze, a breast milk organizer system for the freezer. Milkies Freeze can be used with any milk storage bags, and helps keep milk packs fresher. Its “first in, first out” system makes sure that oldest milk is used first.

In addition to these great products, Fairhaven Health also offers breastfeeding supplements and other nursing products. Check out the full line at

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