Baby Fanatic Scores Big with the Dozer

Nobody can deny the sway that sports hold over our culture. From the multi-million dollar extravaganza of the Super Bowl to the buzzing excitement of the hometown baseball game, sporting events and teams are the focus of an impressive amount of our time, money and devotion. Team loyalty is one way we identify ourselves with the places we call home, and gain inspiration to work toward our dreams and goals.

The family bonding aspect of sport is one big reason why it’s so popular. Rooting for the home team or engaging in good-natured team rivalries can be a great way for a family to celebrate together. Even those family members who aren’t particularly sports-minded, or who are still too young to understand what the game is all about, can still enjoy the food, music and spectacle of these events.

And then there’s the merchandise. Some fans are so enamored with their team of choice that they will deck out their home in full-on team regalia, from sofa throws to bathroom hand towels. Others are a little more subtle and express their loyalty in a slightly less extreme way by wearing their team colors in the form of sweat shirts, T-shirts and caps. Sports-themed infant clothing has been popular for a long time, due to its sheer cuteness as well as its underlying message – that a new generation of fans has been born and will carry on the team tradition.

Baby Fanatic is a Virginia-based company that offers a full line of adorable, comfy team-themed baby clothing and other gear for infants. You name the team, and Baby Fanatic probably has pacifier, bib, or bottle with its emblem or colors, helping any baby to look super-stylish when mom and dad take them to the big game.

But what about when baby gets cranky and is ready for a nap? Baby Fanatic has just the thing for that as well. The Dozer is an ingenious design. It’s a small device that attaches to virtually any car seat, turning it into a portable cradle. It acts like a mechanical foot, pushing the seat up and down, so mom and dad can relax. The baby can enjoy the soothing movement at home, in the park, or the stadium. The Dozer weighs less than a pound, so it’s easy to take along anywhere. Its gentle rocking motion is powered by 4 AAA batteries, but it can be purchased with an AC adapter.

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