The Zen Swaddle Is Snug as a Hug

When it comes to comforting a baby, it’s all about recreating the environment where they felt the most safe: the mother’s womb. In the early days after birth, little ones are shocked to find themselves in a world that’s bright, cold and noisy, and it can be difficult for them to adjust. The baby’s Moro reflex is another issue that can disturb sleep. This reflex that occurs in the early weeks of life causes babies to throw their hands out to their sides. It’s totally normal, but it can startle the infant awake.Parents know instinctively to hold their babies close in a way that makes them feel safe and warm, but often when its time to set them down in their crib or bassinet, that cozy feeling is lost, often causing the baby to wake up crying. The uphill battle of getting a baby to remain asleep drives many parents to frustration.

Manasi Gangan knows this struggle very well. Her youngest son had difficulty staying asleep, and like many parents, she went through the nightly routine of holding and comforting him back to sleep, only to have him reawaken each time she tried to set him down. She felt that swaddling was the answer, but wanted to add some of her own unique touches to enhance the swaddling experience. After some brainstorming, she came up with the idea for the Zen Swaddle. Her idea was an ingenious one — a swaddling product specially designed with strategically placed, lightly weighted areas that mimic the feeling of being held in mom’s arms. It worked like a charm for her son, and her friends and family found it incredibly effective for their babies as well. Today, the Zen Swaddle is the anchor product of Gangan’s Massachusetts-based company, Nested Bean.

Shoppers can choose between the Zen Swaddle Classic collection, which provides light coverage for everyday use and warmer weather, and the Zen Swaddle Premier collection, which offers a thicker, more luxurious swaddling experience that’s good for cooler nights or whenever baby needs an extra soft touch. All are available in subdued pale pastels that go well with traditional nursery colors. These swaddlers make excellent baby shower gifts, because they’re more than just a fashion statement; they can actually change a baby’s early sleep experiences for the better, and allow new parents to get the rest they need.

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