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Yoga has enormous benefits for kids. It’s soothing which helps calm them down and it energizes so they get a boost when needed. Mompreneur Jensen Wheeler Wolfe had taught yoga for years so when her daughter’s preschool teacher needed an activity, she stepped in faster than you can say “downward dog.” First, she cut up regular adult yoga mats into four. seeing how enthusiastically the kids took to the child-sized mats, she converted her clever idea into a business.

The Little Yoga Mat offers budding yoga enthusiasts mats with designs based on authentic yoga poses that are dyed with eco-friendly ink in chakra inspired colors. The 14” x 36” mats are 1/4” thick and made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), a plush foam-like material that is BPA, latex and lead-free. The mats are light so kids can tote them around and feature a non-slip grip for little hands and feet. Pediatricians suggest them to new parents to use for baby’s tummy time. Teachers adore them for yoga, nap time and even lunch as these maps wipe clean in a jiffy. The perfect size for youngsters aged one to four, the Lotus Design uses four colors while the Sun Design uses five.

One of the benefits of yoga is deep belly breathing which helps kids relax and aids in the development of physical endurance. Another plus: adults love the idea of an activity that’s not competitive and encourages each child to practice at his and her own level. The Little Yoga Mat makes a good play surface as it is strong and durable. Spill something? No worries as a quick wipe with a damp cloth or sponge restores the surface in a jiffy.

The company has a larger mat for bigger kids in the works, funded by a Kickstarter campaign. When the goal is achieved, The Little Yoga Mat will donate 500 mats to children’s hospitals and pediatric cancer wards. Meanwhile, the smaller mats are doing great business, bringing smiles to adults and kids alike and paving the way for little yoginis to unfold their own mats, fold their legs into lotus pose and be “just like mom.”

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