Little Ones Are Tearin' It up with Baby Paper

If you’re familiar with inventor’s lingo, you’ve probably heard the term  “Pet Rock idea”. This refers to an idea unassuming in its simplicity that goes on to garner mass appeal because of its quirky charm or ability to fill a need people didn’t even know they had. Named after the famous 1970’s toy craze, a “Pet Rock idea” is one that most product creators dream of. After all, who wouldn’t want to make a living in such an a fun and easy way with a product that brings happiness to so many people?

Sari Wiaz is lucky enough to have stumbled upon such an idea with her product Baby Paper. These colorful, washable fabric squares are filled with material that makes a crinkly, crackly sound that babies love, and they’re flying off the shelves thanks to rave reviews from parents everywhere.

Wiaz, a realtor, came up with the idea by observing how her own children played. Like many moms, Wiaz found that her babies preferred the simplest forms of entertainment over fancy toys, and that paper products were among their favorite playthings. There’s something about the sound of paper — both napkins and writing paper — that babies and toddlers seem to love.

Many little kids enjoy ripping up paper or twisting it into shapes. The sound and feel of it seems to simultaneously comfort and stimulate them. The problem is the mess it can make. No parent wants to sweep paper shreds off the floor all day, and nobody likes to see these necessary household products used up so quickly. There’s also a risk of babies choking should they put paper shreds in their mouth.  

One day, while entertaining her young daughter at a restaurant, inspiration struck. Why not create a product that has all the things babies love about paper, without the mess or the danger? And so Baby Paper was born. Initially, Wiaz made the product herself with the help of a friend, but eventually demand overtook them, and after several attempts, they finally found a manufacturer willing to work with them on their terms.

Today Wiaz is the owner of Wize Choice Creations, a company that offers a wide range of printing options, but baby paper will always be its flagship product. In addition to being just plain fun, Baby Paper, is beneficial for a child’s sensory development, and has been used with excellent results by organizations serving kids with visual impairment and developmental challenges.

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