Dress for the Mess with Oopsies & Uh-Ohs

No matter how neat and tidy a person is, or how squeamish they are about mess, they tend to get over it quite quickly once they become parents. Raising a baby is a kind of immersion therapy where you’re exposed to all things icky in large quantities, over a very short period of time. From diaper blowouts to baby food fights, parents — and their clothing, floors, curtains, etc. — brave a storm that lasts for at least 3 years or so.

While there’s nothing that can totally eliminate the messy nature of babies and young children, a parent usually appreciates any and all products that can help them keep the chaos at a manageable level. Oopsies & Uh-Ohs is a company dedicated to keeping baby messes to a minimum, and the best part is, it does it with style.

Oopsies & Uh-Ohs was founded in 2013 by Nevada mom Bre Manning. Bre’s son Jax was under a year old at the time, and was still having issues with spitting up. He was a healthy eater who loved his food so much he gobbled it down, so the burps that came after meals often consisted of more than air. After despairing over how fast her son’s bibs became permanently stained, Bre started thinking of a better solution.

While most bibs that are made of a thin layer of material backed by plastic, Bre began to think that a thicker, more plush bib might be a better alternative, and so her first product concept was born. In addition to the thick, luxurious material, Oopsies & Uh-Ohs bibs have some other great features that traditional bibs usually don’t. Struggling to put a bib on a squirmy baby is quite a challenge, so Oopsies & Uh-Ohs eliminated snaps and strings, replacing them with Velcro tabs to help bibs to go on more easily and stay put longer.

Color choice is another way that this company sets its products apart from the rest. While most bibs come in light, pastel “baby colors” or in a primary-on-white scheme, Oopsies & Uh-Ohs bibs sport darker colors like classy deep red and steel grey. This has the very practical effect of concealing stains more effectively, but it also allows the bibs to be unisex and accommodate a wider variety of fashion choices.

With Bre’s brother Chris on board as of 2014, Oopsies & Uh-Ohs is a family business that’s truly going places.

Clean up at www.oopsiesanduhohs.com

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