Fashion and Function: That's the Magic of Cloak

In those first few weeks after her baby is born, a new mother exists in a surreal haze of joy, pain and sleep deprivation. Days and nights are more or less the same, spent singing, comforting, and changing her baby, not to mention the nearly non-stop feeding. Wardrobe choices tend to be simple, as in REALLY simple, like sweats and PJ’s.

It’s not too long before this time of seclusion and intense bonding evolves into the next stage, where a mom’s daily life resumes back to (somewhat) normal, and she begins to feel the urge to go out into the world again, looking and feeling her best, but it’s not always easy. Something as simple as choosing an outfit is no longer a breeze for a breastfeeding mom. In addition to finding clothing that’s comfortable for her changing body proportions, a new mother who is nursing also needs to consider whether her clothing will allow her to feed her baby – or pump milk – while out and about.

It’s a struggle nearly all nursing moms are familiar with — cute shirts or dresses rarely make nursing convenient. Pieces that are made specifically for breastfeeding work fine, but unfortunately are not always very stylish or attractive; they can have a blanket-like look that many moms find unflattering. Cloak seeks to change all that with their gorgeous and practical collection of nursing dresses.

Each piece is unique, and offers great versatility of wear. The Eternity dress can be worn as a hoodie dress, a cowl neck, or an elegant off-the-shoulder number, depending on the wearer’s needs and mood. No matter how it’s worn, the Eternity ingeniously conceals a snap enclosure that makes nursing access a breeze. The generous fabric at the top can also provide some nursing coverage.

Mix and match tank top-and-shirt combos have been very on-trend this year, and Cloak offers its own version with the Meme, its color-block T-shirt dress. The Meme’s detachable cap sleeve shirt portion can easily be flipped up when its time to breastfeed. These are just two of the standout designs from Cloak’s collection. The entire line is made with comfortable, forgiving fabric that can be put on quickly and with no fuss.

Cloak is a woman-owned business that contributes to the community. Ten percent of the proceeds from every Cloak purchase goes to WIN, a New York-based charity that improves the lives of homeless woman and children.

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