Ride in Cozy Comfort with Manito

With an increase in the popularity of healthy lifestyle and eco-friendly practices, more parents are going out and about with their kids. Why jump in the car when you can hit the road with the stroller, getting some exercise and seeing all the sights along the way? In some cases, necessity is the reason for traveling by foot. Not all parents have access to a vehicle; this is especially true for city dwellers who frequently rely on public transportation. Whatever the reason, being a pedestrian doesn’t have to be boring, especially when small children are involved. These walks are a great time for parents and kids to bond, explore the world, and learn new things together.

While walking can be a lot of fun, sometimes it feels more like a chore. Often, this happens when the weather doesn’t cooperate with us. No matter how well a little one is wrapped up, rain or wind can make a stroller ride a less than pleasant experience. Stroller covers can help a lot, but not all of them provide optimal protection. Korean brand Manito has offered high quality, innovative stroller shields since 1999. They founded their American division, Manito USA, in 2012 to bring their convenient line of products to families on this side of the Pacific.

The Manito line includes stroller weather shields, summer stroller shields, stroller and car seat liners, and other accessories. Manito’s strollers offer superior protection from the wind and rain, in addition to 99% UV protection for those bright sunny days. The covers are designed to fit onto a variety of stroller sizes; covers for twin strollers are also available. This universal fit ensures no gaps that can let in the elements. Another standout feature is the clarity of the shield windows. Unlike some stroller shields, Manito products are designed with clear, smooth plastic windows so there’s no distortion or clouding of the baby’s view from inside.

There are several different types of covers to help meet a parent’s unique needs. For those who want a very simple yet highly effective cover, there’s the Basic series. These transparent plastic sheets provide excellent protection for an economical price. The Excellence series offers heavier protection for those who need it, with a thicker, more structured covering. The Castle series is the company’s higher end line. It features triple-layer laser quilt material that provides top level of protection from the elements. It’s best for families who live in cold climates or who spend time outdoors year-round.

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