Poncho Baby Covers Breastfeeding and More!

What does a new mother need most? A third set of hands? A night of uninterrupted sleep? Enough time for a quick shower? “Yes” is the answer to all these questions, but here’s an item that will also win an approval shout-out. Poncho Baby is the answer to how to modestly nurse a baby in public any time anywhere, even when Mom and tot are out and about. The innovative design that covers both a woman’s front and her back allows Mom to keep an eye on her baby while she’s feeding. It is also a very useful garment for nursing women to use when pumping breast milk at work.

When not in use, the poncho’s cover folds tidily away so it fits into a diaper bag. Available in four neutral colors – beige, olive, navy and black – the poncho blends with any outfit and includes two inside pockets for stashing burp cloths, pacifiers or any other essential small items. With classic oval and square designs, one size will fit any woman.

Made in the U.S.A. of soft, easy-care muslin cotton, Poncho Baby is the brainchild of Carolina Toro-Gerstein, who was not satisfied with the nursing cover she had for the first of her two children. As Toro-Gerstein is very eco-conscious, all the product packaging is recyclable and the boxes can even multi-task as a storage space for kids’ treasures like special crayons or cards. As a bonus, the cover can also double as a blanket, stroller cover or car seat canopy.

Unlike some nursing covers this one slips over the head with ample fabric on the shoulder so it stays in place even when the baby grabs it, putting an end to those malfunctioning wardrobe moments. Mothers praise Poncho Baby for being well-designed and eminently practical, making it a truly useful piece of after-the-baby clothing. Bold-faced names and regular moms praise Poncho Baby, happy that they can comfortably nurse in public and pleased with the soothing colors the item comes in.

Show this patent-pending winner to your customers and rack up a host of sales from moms, relatives and those bound for a baby shower.

For more information, visit www.ponchobaby.com