Momma Goose Hatches a New idea for Infant Jewelry

Teething is a phase that’s often as difficult for the parents as it is for the baby. The child can experience discomfort, drooling, crankiness, low-grade fever and a host of other inconvenient symptoms that can wreak havoc with their temperament and sleep schedule. This experience leads many parents to seek whatever help they can for their babies during the teething period. In the old days, many families relied upon home remedies that were popular, but not always wise or effective. The majority of these quick fixes contained some amount of alcohol, which was supposed to help the baby sleep through the discomfort. Once parents realized that alcohol and babies don’t mix, teething toys became the next must-have item to get kids through this difficult time.

Teething toys are usually made of hard plastic and come in shapes that babies enjoy, but do they work? They tend to occupy the baby for a while and allow him to satisfy his overwhelming urge to put pressure at the site of the emerging tooth, but they don’t provide any long-term alleviation and can sometimes aggravate the discomfort.

Teething gels can be a godsend for those nights when calming the baby is difficult, but some infants just don’t like the flavor or numb feeling these medicines provide. All in all, there is no cure for teething woes, just short-term fixes parents need to use judiciously to get them through. This is why some moms and dads have turned to natural, holistic treatments for teething symptoms.

Momma Goose is a company that believes in the power of nature to help babies through the teething period. They offer a line of Baltic amber bracelets and necklaces that are meant to provide drug-free relief for some of the common problems associated with teething. The resin in Baltic amber contains succinic acid, which has been proven to relieve pain and calm the central nervous system. When a baby wears the amber necklace or bracelet, the succinic acid is activated and released into the baby’s body. The beads are not to be chewed, which is why the necklaces are designed to fit close to the child’s skin (but not uncomfortably so), with each bead individually knotted to provide a high level of safety.

Many parents who have tried Momma Goose jewelry claim that it works wonders. They’re also appreciative of the beauty of each piece; so much so that the company also offers their pieces in adult sizes so that parents and kids can step out in matching fashion.

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