Little Ashkim: Turkish Style, American Success

Turkish towels have long been a staple in the most well-appointed homes and hotels. Turkey’s long history of loom-woven textiles, combined with its history of luxurious bath houses make it the perfect birthplace for towels that are soft, absorbent, and beautiful. The best-known type of Turkish towel, the pestemel, was a favorite that, along with other towel styles, made its way from the baths of Istanbul to the bathrooms of millions of Americans in the last century. Today, the Turkish textile legacy carries on to the next generation in towels, clothing and other materials made by Little Ashkim.

Little Ashkim is a Maryland-based company that offers children’s fashions and accessories. The collection features contemporary classic designs that are made in Turkey from 100% cotton and other high-quality materials. Their clothing includes rompers, bodysuits, footies and dresses with cute yet understated styles, perfect for daily wear, play, and bedtime.

While the clothes are delightful, the bath towels and accessories are sure to make a big splash. The Hooded Turkish Towels are likely to be favorites of parents and kids alike. Monsters, Cats, Dinos and Pandas all have soft ears or spikes that add to their puppet-like charm, and friendly faces that invite kids to play. The matching bath mittens (sold separately or as part of a set) complete the combination of luxury and fun.

Little Ashkim’s founder Olcan Hollister’s life is a great example of the American Dream. Born and raised in Turkey, Hollister initially chose a career in finance, and came to the U.S. to finish her education. Eventually, she accepted a full-time teaching position at the University of Maryland. After becoming a mother, Hollister was inspired to pursue a creative entrepreneurial venture, and began building the foundation of Little Ashkim. She knew that many parents spent time seeking out the highest quality baby clothing and accessories for their kids. She wanted to create a company that offered just that, with her own cultural twist. Always a hard worker and a talented multi-tasker, Hollister had both the creative ideas and financial know-how to successfully launch her own start-up. The result is a company that celebrates both the lives of her children and her rich Turkish heritage.

Hollister is always on the lookout for the best materials and styles that will become part of her vision for Little Ashkim.

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