Got You Covered with a Smile

For little ones’ snap suits that bring a smile to the face of everyone who sees them, head straight to The Spunky Stork. This New York and Florida-based company uses only the softest organic cotton to produce snap suits for babies and t-shirts for toddlers — basics with the added punch of entertaining designs.

Wearing specs is a sign of intelligence, especially when they are in gold, silk-screened on the chest of a teeny-weenie snap suit. Want to predict what the new baby may turn out to do or be? Display garments like one with “Future Doctor” on it, complete with red cross and doctor bag; a camera design to signal a future photo buff; or a black-and-white world map to announce that this tot is destined for a life of travel, journalism or global adventures. Another design shows a fork, knife and spoon with eyes and big smiles, proclaiming “Future Foodie.”

Shoppers looking for items for twins will be beguiled by the one-piece pair with a design in brown reading “Peanut Butter” and the other, in purple, with “Jelly.” Another great set for twins shows two strips of bacon for one babe and a fried egg for the other. A picture of a fancy purse is an on-target perfect gift for a stylish mom whose envisions her babe as a fashionista, while a purple silhouette of a parasol-wielding woman with hoopskirt and the words Southern Belle would delight those below the Mason-Dixon line –– as well as Yankees who hail from southern climes.

The Oatmeal Series, in the same pre-shrunk organic cotton, shows designs on natural beige as in a bodysuit with a silk-screened picture of Lady Liberty in red. The Big and Little group offers an adult-sized tee shirt, together with a baby one-piece or toddler tee, enlivened with language like “Block” on the adult shirt and “Chip” on the smaller one. The same concept includes designs like an Apple Tree in red and green for the parent and a bright red apple on the baby item as well a yellow “Big Wedge” of cheese paired with a “Little Wedge” for the tot.

For a cooler-than-cool take-to-the hospital gift, display the snap suit with large blanks to fill in baby’s name, birthdate and other pertinent information that comes with a black, pink or blue Sharpie. All one-pieces fit kids from three through eighteen months.

A stork with a sense of humor: