ecoBibi Brings Nature Home

As eco-friendly lifestyle companies continue to emerge and make a larger impact on our culture, one of the things that’s becoming abundantly clear is how innovative “green” products can really be. It’s not surprising when you think about it. Unlike manufacturers who take the easy route, sourcing and producing their products wherever and however is most convenient, companies with a conscience put much more time and effort into sourcing materials and putting their products together, sometimes using recycled, re-purposed, and unusual materials in interesting ways. They also usually take the time to consult with and employ talented craftspeople rather than relying on traditional labor or unethical manufacturing.

These factors tend to result in products that deliver in both form and function. Whether the style is artisan homespun, futuristic, or something in-between, the new generation of green products has something to offer to just about any shopper. ecoBibi is one of the notable companies bringing fun, new products to environmentally responsible families.

To give kids a safe, healthy start, ecoBibi has designed a line of natural, organic burp cloths, bath towels, changing mats, wash cloths, and stroller accessories made from a soft cotton/bamboo blend. Gifts sets include various pieces that are perfect for new and expecting parents. Also available are quilts, blankets, crib sheets, bumpers, and infant sleep sacks, all made from organic cotton and featuring simple, elegant designs.

Buyers looking for natural teething toys will be delighted by ecoBibi’s version. The 100% food-grade silicone ring and cotton/bamboo cloth body make it a soft yet durable way to help relieve baby’s teething discomfort. The company’s breastfeeding line is small but has a lot to offer in terms of quality and comfort. Their breast pads, nursing pillows, and nursing set that includes a unique nursing smock all are made from organic material that’s good for both mother and child.

ecoBibi was founded by Brigitte Elie — nicknamed Bibi, a Canadian living in Shanghai. Brigitte’s passion for environmental awareness prompted her to seek out healthier lifestyle options for her and her family. Armed with a love for travel and cultural exchange, Brigitte set out to discover the best materials and manufacturing methods for her clever and affordable designs. Later, friend and fellow expat Stephanie Chauvel joined the team and added her own signature designs to the mix. Together, Brigitte and Stephanie are enjoying their success, confident that their products are making a positive impact in the world.

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