Healthy Mama: Medicine You Can Feel Good About

When an expecting mother isn’t feeling well, be it heartburn, morning sickness, insomnia or aches and pains, her first concern is to find relief that is safe for her and for her baby. Navigating the many over-the-counter remedies on the market can be maddening, especially since so many are on the “no” or “maybe” list for pregnant and nursing women.

Natural products can in some cases be a better choice, but they don’t always provide the relief needed. There’s so much conflicting information online, and on product packaging, that it’s difficult for an expectant mom to feel confident about a product. Until now, there hasn’t been a trustworthy, effective line of remedies made specifically for pregnant and nursing women, but Healthy Mama came along and changed that.

The Healthy Mama line offers OBGYN-recommended remedies for some of the most common discomforts of pregnancy. While no medicine is considered 100% safe during pregnancy, Healthy Mama’s formulations contain proven ingredients that are mild on the body. The company is backed by a team of medical experts to ensure the highest quality.

Like many companies, Healthy Mama was born from the founder’s personal experience. When Rachel Katz-Gallatt was pregnant with her first child, she, like many expecting moms, had a number of health complaints. While searching for products to ease her discomfort, Rachel was disappointed to find that many common remedies were not safe for pregnant women.

The frustration and confusion were exasperating, and the desperate expecting mom settled on what she felt was the best choice for her at the time; unfortunately, this product was later found to cause pre-term labor. Rachel gave birth to her daughter Mia 16 weeks premature, and spent 5 harrowing months in the hospital, watching her fragile baby cling to life and eventually, begin to thrive.

Today, Mia is a healthy little girl, but the experience changed Rachel forever. During her ordeal she was moved by the plight of moms facing preterm birth. She now sits on the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Chapter of the March of Dimes, to help give pregnant women the tools and education they need to maintain healthy, full-term pregnancies. Her experience also inspired her to an idea that would eventually become a successful business.

Thinking of a baby shower gift, or maybe just a congratulations gift for a mom-to-be? A Healthy Mama care package will make her day.

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