Shout Outs to ABC in Louisville, Mom’s Breastaurant, Unending Sales, Event Marketing and More!

Shouts can be sounds of praise or anger. In this edition of “High Five,” picture me standing on my invisible soapbox. High Fives to good work, and fewer digits for retailers’ endless sales. Plus a raised fist for those that don’t consider promotion as important as the light bill. What makes your “High Five” list?

Kentucky? Why Did ABC Fold on Vegas?

Who hasn’t heard “Why did ABC move the show to Louisville? I like Vegas!” I was surprised to learn from ABC’s Eric Seeman that ABC had to move this year because space in Vegas was not available when they needed it. I also learned that there are only a few venues in the country that can accommodate a trade show the size of ABC. (I’m so glad not to go back to Orlando!). Weather conditions were also a big consideration.

Give Louisville a chance –– I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed with the city, accommodations, restaurants, sightseeing and nightlife options for singles through families. Most importantly, the convention center is fantastic. All on one floor! The layout makes it easier to efficiently shop. Plus, the hospitality throughout the city will make you feel most welcomed. Make both room and trade show reservations asap to experience what I did during a recent visit. Louisville is Possibility City!

For information about what to do, where to stay and options to plan a company dinner or event of any size, go to or

Mom’s Breastaurant Saw a Need and Fed It

Mom’s Breastaurant provides moms at outdoor events a quiet, safe and comfortable place to feed baby while at outdoor community events. The non-profit service now has several chapters and serves the baby care needs of families at many festivals and fairs. Motivated just by the milk of human kindness, two moms experienced the need for this service and worked to do something for others. I think Mom’s Breastaurant also provides a good brand sponsorship opportunity to promote local awareness and earn praise from moms that share the news on social media.

Congrats to Tera Smith and Nonie Veccia who cater to feed the needs of moms and babes. Find out how you can help support this service at

All Sales. All the Time. Retailer Beware!

10% to 70% or more off! Early Bird or Late Owl deals. Lowest prices of the season! Why rush? Seems to me that everything is on sale all the time. Some shoppers even know how to get an even better deal, as if the brand-name retailer is a neighborhood yard sale. Does anyone ever buy something not marked down these days? I love to save money, but to me the never-ending discounts are not sound marketing. It’s a strategy that is hard to change. Even stores that were once among the most prestigious have adapted the sales rush as if it were the day after Thanksgiving every day. Who’s the turkey?

I encourage specialty stores in the children’s market to temper sales prices with personalized service, unique product offerings, enhanced customer communications, event marketing and well educated floor personnel that really know all the features and benefits of the merchandise. Use employee sales incentives, customer referral programs, social media and community involvement to increase your customer base and volume and frequency sales. Lower prices without service will not sustain business forever. You don’t want your next sale to proclaim, “Everything Must Go!”

Too Busy to Advertise?

Three well-established brand leaders told me this week that they have been “too busy to promote their products, are putting every penny back into their next season’s production, have lost stores, retailers are paying slowly and so they cannot advertise to the trade or consumer… but next year will be better!” Is that a new “if you make it they will come” field of dreams marketing plan?

Marketing, sales promotion, public relations and communications to reps and retailers, social media and target advertising should be as important as the office rent and electric bill. If manufacturers do not support the media that invests in their business, there may not be quality choices available when marketing becomes as important as the production costs.

HEIR’s Event Marketing Gives Customers the Royal Treatment

For many years now I have admired designer Zna Houston and her HEIR fashion collection that promotes the beauty and self-esteem of children. A few years ago, HEIR entered the small number of manufacturers that have opened their own corporate brand brick & mortar retail stores.

The HEIR store builds its business through creative event marketing and community involvement. Fashion shows, tea parties, etiquette classes, trunk shows, craft activities and group birthday celebrations are just a few of the events that give HEIR customers a reason to shop again. Some of the activities are fee-based to generate another revenue source and help qualify prospects. Zna and her support team really understand that retailers have to create excitement, interest, and fun reasons to become loyal and frequent shoppers.

HEIR is located at the Promenade on the Peninsula in Rolling Hills Estates, CA. For more details, and wholesale information to add HEIR fashions to your store, contact

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