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California Market Center

The California Market Center is the hub for the style industries in Los Angeles. As the newest marketplace for fashion, gift & home, the CMC is helping retailers redefine modern merchandising. With more than 1,000 showrooms and nearly 10,000 product lines housed in three 13-story wings there is nowhere else that wholesale buyers can find such a fresh array of goods including women’s wear, men’s wear, children’s wear, fashion accessories, swimwear, footwear, gifts, toys, furniture & décor, textiles, garden accessories, floral, stationery, intimate apparel and personal care products. This unique blend of stylish goods across multiple product categories could only happen in California, 5th largest economy in the world and the place with a reputation for where things start.

The CMC is open daily, and hosts five major fashion markets, two textile markets and four gift & home markets each year in addition to a range of market days, fashion weeks, educational events, and seminars throughout the year. Within each of these major markets is a variety of category-specific specialty markets, such as the LA Shoe Show during fashion markets, Technology-by-Design during the L.A. Textile Show and the Garden District during gift markets. Fashion markets in the Spring and the Fall are timed with Fashion Week runway shows. Go to for a schedule of runway events.

110 East 9th Street • Suite A727 • Los Angeles, California 90079
Phone: (213) 630-3600