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NY Kids Showrooms

It’s not about ENK, sales reps or manufacturers- it’s about convenience and value for the retailers. Maybe the money spent at trade shows should be spent on retailers to help offset expenses and sell more product. Sometimes the way an industry conducts business changes and it presents opportunities for the visionaries who see the disruption on the horizon. In my industry, kids wholesale fashion, such an opportunity may have arrived. The four times a year New York fashion trade show schedule no longer meets the needs of retail buyers. I sincerely hope that the independent New York representatives can put together a semi-annual multi-week market that spans two weekends where retail buyers are fawned upon and scheduled in showrooms in an orderly fashion.

33 W. 33rd Street • 3rd, 9th & 12th Floor • New York City, New York 10001
Contact: Wendi Cooper
Phone: (212) 947-5522