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How does it work?!
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Why Polyester-­Mesh Material?
…because warm air escapes, preventing overheating.
…because it promotes easy breathing airflow.
…because it wicks away moisture.
…because it’s machine washable.

Why Cool-­Mee Seat Liner?
…because our three line were specifically designed to fit most car seats, strollers, and bucket seats.
…because it keeps your baby cool and comfortable when “on-­the-­go.”
…because it is simple to use and easy to clean.

Cool—Mee Benefits?
Assists in reducing sweat and perspiration by regulating normal body temperatures.
-Promotes easy airflow between child and seat.
-Provides extra cushioning.
-Provides a better rest and comfort for babies and toddlers.
-Reduces over heating and relieves discomfort and perspiration.
-Can prevent stains on car seats, strollers, and carriers.

Cool-­Mee Features
-Materials used wick away moisture.
-Removable and machine washable.
-Works as a shock absorber with added comfort.
-Durable 3-­-ply mesh materials.
-Three different models in various attractive color options.

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