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Baby and Teen Gallery

For over fifteen years Baby and Teen gallery has been serving the NJ and NY metropolitan area providing expert customer service, the highest rated children’s furniture and accessories, and decades of experience.
As featured in 2004 Kids Today magazine, Baby and Teen Gallery is well known for its highly decorative and diversely furnished showroom. With its expansive ten thousand square foot show room, Baby and Teen Gallery offers its customers over thirty room vignettes for nursery or kids bedrooms. Leaving no stone unturned, our store offers many decorative products from custom, hand-made bedding, hand painted paintings and murals, to replica antique toys.

With the ever growing and confusing market for strollers and other metal goods, Baby and Teen Gallery buyers’ attend the top two juvenile industry buying shows bringing back hand picked selections to help ease their customers confusion. Baby and Teen Gallery also offers professional in home installation for many of their products as well as a large stocking warehouse nearby.

10 Centre Street • Elizabeth, New Jersey 07070
Phone: (908) 355-8440
Fax: (908) 355-4194