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Babyland Online always offers the highest quality products at our best prices by top manufacturers to fit all your Baby and Toddler needs. Please contact us toll-free or by e-mail with any questions you have about our products or services. Our staff is well-trained, willing, and ready to help you!

Babyland Online is an Authorized Dealer of every product we sell. All of our products are brand new and purchased directly from the manufacturer - we do not sell refurbished or used merchandise.

Babyland, LLC is a family-owned company that has been serving friends and neighbors in Illinois since 2002 and serving our long distance friends online since 2004.

1209 Savoy Plaza Lane • Savoy, Illinois 61874
Phone: (800) 359-5150
Local: (800) 359-5150
Fax: (217) 359-5135