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Clothing, Accessories and Gifts from Head to Toe for girls of all ages, infants through adults!

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Basically Bows & MORE

Founded in 1988, by my mom Rita Mote, Basically Bows was born out of a need to find affordable, quality made products for my sister, myself and friends. Well her little “hobby” of making hair bows put both my sister and I through Private Grade School, High School and College, as she did home parties, craft shows and large venue shows

In 2004, I left my job in social work to help grow the business and in June 2005 we opened our first retail location. Every day is a challenge, it brings excitement and new opportunities. We now carry over 50 lines, but still make many of our own quality hair bows and accessories.

7116 E Mercer Lane • Suites105-106 • Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
Contact: Kirstin Banks
Phone: (480) 483-2697
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