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Edelweiss Baby

We’re a boutique located in Maple Grove, Minnesota specializing in apparel, accessories and gifts for babies from preemie (as small as 3 lbs!) to 24 months.

Many of our customers ask how Edelweiss Baby came to be. It all started innocently enough…
After giving birth to twin daughters in December of 2006, Heather Somers, the store’s creator and Maple Grove resident, found it challenging to find high-quality clothes to suit her taste offered in an environment that catered to the new mom. She longed for the quality and customer service she had become accustomed to when shopping in some of the classically inspired boutiques near where she grew up in Connecticut. As a newly devoted Minnesotan, Heather longed to establish roots for her new family. Heather also believes passionately in resurrecting the dying breed of independent, locally owned retailers. Locally owned and operated business are more closely connected to the community and offer a host of benefits not always found at the national or chain stores, including a more personal customer experience.

Heather’s vision also included the notion that customers are too busy to make multiple stops to complete a simple errand such as purchasing, wrapping and, in many cases, shipping a baby gift. Edelweiss Baby’s packaging in exquisite and guarantees that you will leave the store with a gift that is unique, beautiful and ready to give (or send), right down to the ribbon and the card. We can even ship your gift nationwide.

Lastly, Heather wanted to ensure that her customers’ needs were taken care of much the same way they would be as if they were guests in her own home. Given that many of our customers bring their babies with them, we have a dedicated changing alcove that is fully stocked and always clean (as is the bathroom). No dirty diaper decks here! We also have a plush seating area if you’re nursing or just want to get off your feet for a while. We’ve also found that movies on the flat screen can usually occupy even the most impatient munchkin. (It is also a pretty popular place for Dad and Grandpa when the game is on!)

We invite you to come experience Edelweiss Baby for yourself…
…we’d love to know what you think!

The Fountains at Arbor Lakes • 11626 Fountains Drive North • Maple Grove, Minnesota 55369
Contact: Heather Somers
Phone: (763) 488-1616
Fax: (763) 898-3553