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Elephant Ears

We are first and foremost a brick and mortar store located in the Kerrytown Market and Shops in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our store is a true “Family Owned Business.”

We founded Elephant Ears in 2006 in order to fill a void left in the wake of the Big Box store. We wanted customers at Elephant Ears to have a truly personalized shopping experience.

When selecting products for our store, we take into account a variety of factors. Above all, it is essential that the companies we work with use ethical business practices. Therefore, you will find a large selection of Fair Trade, organic, natural fiber, and sustainable products. Take a peek around at clothing and accessories made in the USA, Europe, South America, Israel, Canada, and New Zealand - just to name a few!

We also believe that clothing should allow kids to remain kids for as long as possible. We love bright colors, funky patterns, and comfortable fabrics. In short, if we wouldn’t put it on our own kids, we wouldn’t put it in our store.

We are so pleased and appreciative of any and all business that we receive from our website. However, we urge you to support in your own local community if possible. If you are a Michigan native, we hope you use our website as a complement to the store and to assist you in making shopping more convenient.

407 N Fifth Ave. • Kerrytown Market & Shops, 2nd Floor • Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104
Phone: (734) 622-9580