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Hip Baby Gear

Founded in 2005, Hip Baby Gear started as an online store by its original owner, Monica Winter. Hip Baby Gear quickly made a name for itself by carrying top quality products that parents were looking for but could not find. Officially opening its retail doors in Marblehead’s Old Town in 2006, Hip Baby Gear grew to be a resource center for soon to be and new parents for the best baby gear in the market as well as carrying clothing lines from companies like Tea and Pink Chicken.

In 2009, Monica took in a partner by the name of Rick Winter (that’s me). Rick had an online store called Baby on the Run and was looking to expand to a brick and mortar location, and was excited to join forces with Monica and the foundation she had built over the years. The hardest thing for us to explain to people was that we were actually not related, but it always made for a good story.

Rick and Monica ran the business over the next 2 years until December 1, 2010, where Rick purchased the remaining interest from Monica and became 100% owner of Hip Baby Gear. Since then we have been working diligently to refine what Hip Baby Gear is today, in which you may have seen the new logo as well as our new tag words; Cool, Fresh and Fun.

Hip Baby Gear going forward is going to focus hard on those 3 key words, but most importantly the FUN. We want Hip Baby Gear to be a place where you can not only still come to find the best products in the industry, but a place to meet other new and soon to be parents, have your kids attend a music class, learn about nutrition for your baby, or anything else we can think of. Hip Baby Gear will continue to be a resource for the surrounding communities with the best staff in the industry.

80 Washington Street • Marblehead, Massachusetts 01945
Contact: Rick Winter
Phone: (866) 447-4327
Local: (781) 631-5556