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JBS Dolls & Gifts began in Phoenix, Arizona as a teaching studio in 1985 in the garage of Nora Speer. She began by taking doll making classes and advanced to teaching. She found she had a knack for the art and could offer others the opportunity to learn to make beautiful porcelain dolls, in a fun and unique environment.
She continued teaching for 10 years and became very involved in the industry. She joined Doll Clubs and began showing her products at doll shows around the valley. She was very successful and had a great passion for Dolls. In 1995 her husband encouraged her to move to Kingman, Arizona. As incentive to get out of the valley and away from the heat and traffic, he offered to build her a store front. As the owner of a very successful Construction company he did just that. In 1996 they opened the new building, which was joint housing for JBS Dolls & Gifts (her company) and Steel Erection and Maintenance (his company). JBS expanded from Dolls, classes, and supplies to a beautiful store front that included an exquisite selection of Gifts and Collectibles as well. Once again expansion was in store for the business as they changed the name to JBS Dolls, Gifts and Home Interiors. We now offer beautiful decor for the home. (That’s another web site). In October 2000 a second store was opened in Mesa, Arizona. JBS Dolls & Gifts - Mesa is run by Nora and Jack’s Daughter, Jamie Cilladi.

116 N. Lindsay Rd • Mesa, Arizona 85213
Contact: Jamie Cilladi
Phone: (480) 835-9209
Fax: (480) 835-9212