Stylish, High-Quality Organic and Natural Fiber Clothing for Babies.

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Babies are naturally small, lovable, and cuddly. Shouldn’t their clothes be, too? At MaxMay, we focus on our babies. Our boutique, which specializes in clothes for small children ages 0 - 24 months, has a delightful collection of soft organic cottons and natural fiber blends that are dependable and high in quality. We know that babies’ clothes should not only look good, they should be affordable, functional, and comfortable, too.

Based in Seattle, MaxMay was launched with a specific purpose: provide style, quality, and comfort in our affordable baby clothes while creating a genuinely unique and customer-driven online experience (whether they be moms, grandmas or gift givers). We don’t want to be like everyone else, nor are we trying to reinvent the wheel, we are merely trying to offer the best baby clothes for little ones who can’t speak.

PO Box 3547 • Lynnwood, Washington 98046
Contact: Robin Paris
Phone: (206) 498-3827